All gamblers are equal, but some gamblers are more equal than others.

Especially if they are ready to spend thousands of Euros in a single game.

This specific breed of gamers is called “high rollers” and they like to play big.

As a result, they choose to play at special high roller casinos that can offer them exclusive features.

Any player who spends that much money can ask for special treatment and high roller casinos are ready to offer this. Being a high roller comes with many benefits.

In this article, we will talk about high roller casino sites, explain what is the meaning of being a high roller player, and list our 100 best online casinos for high rollers in 2023. VIP tables, here we come!

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First Things First: What Are High Roller Casinos?

This term originates from land-based gambling. During the early days of Las Vegas, some brick-and-mortar casinos were preferred for playing high-stakes games. Professional gamblers are creatures of habit and once they find a comfortable place to “work”, they tend to stay at that place.

All high roller casinos acknowledge the importance of customer retention and go to great length to keep big spenders happy.

For example, Bellagio Villa was one of these high roller casinos and many of the poker champions started their career at this place. MGM Grand has a high limit room called “The Mansion” and millions of dollars changed hands each night in this room.

In other words, some brick-and-mortar casinos can be defined as “high roller casino” because they are preferred by high rollers.

However, this distinction does not make any sense in online gambling. There is no such thing as a “high roller online casino” – every online casino can be a high roller one.

Each and every casino site (even a roulette PayPal casino) can offer high-stakes games in VIP rooms and accept big deposits. As a result, you can be a high roller player from the comfort of your own home, there is no need to sit in a room filled with cigar smoke.

You can enjoy Bitcoin high limit casino games and all the benefits associated to this elite position by simply ramping up your deposits and stakes.

Of course, some online casinos are better for high rollers as they organize global tournaments and offer the chance to compete against hundreds of other players in the world. And some of them offer better bonuses to players who like to play big.

We will give a list of these best online high roller casinos below but know that you are not required to go to Bellagio or MGM Grand to play big anymore: High rollers are welcome at every online casino.

How Can You Become A Casino High Roller?

Let’s start with the definition of high roller. This term is used for players who wager big amounts of money. They are also known as “whales” because they spend as big as a whale.

So the first requirement of being a high roller is to spend big, but the exact amount required to gain this title is different in each casino.

The best high roller casino sites make the effort worthwhile, but their requirements differ for both attaining and maintaining the status.

To give you an idea, you need to spend at least 150.000 USD in a game at Las Vegas to be considered as a high roller. The amount required at online casinos vary, but in general, you should be wagering at least 10.000 USD/EUR in a single game to quickly gain this status.

Overall, we can say that there are two main types of high roller players:

  • The ones that spend big. These type of players just spend big – they are not professionals. Gambling is just a hobby for them and they play for fun. Think of a rich Saudi prince: He may not know the tactics of blackjack but he can spend 300.000 EUR on a single game, just for fun. All high roller casinos hope to land as many players of this type as possible.
  • The ones that are professional. These are professional players who gamble for a living. Their job is literally to play games and win them – they know what they are doing. The champions of poker tournaments fall into this category: They can spend 50.000 EUR just to enter a game and leave the table with 150.000 EUR. They are rare and usually don’t spend from their own pocket as they have many sponsors.

Professional players are the true high rollers. While this term is used for “rich” players too, they are usually considered as “VIP”, instead of a high roller.

So unless you are not rich enough to own a personal jet, the only way of becoming a high roller is to become a professional gambler.  And to do that, you must win many tournaments. Finding a high roller casino USA is just the first step, but an important one if you hope to extract the most from your gaming.

And you should have nerves of steel, because playing big does not always result in winning big. Losing millions of Euros in mere seconds is pretty common for high rollers, just like winning the same amount.

Playing At A High Rollers Casino

Playing at high roller casino sites is no different than playing in any online casino. In other words, you don’t get a separate high roller casino login page, only your account status will be different.

After creating your account, you will log in like everybody else but your screen will look a little different from other members.

For example, you will see additional links and buttons that are available only to you and used for gaining access to VIP areas. Here is a practical example: When an ordinary member visits the live casino section of the website, he/she will see only 10 games to pick from.

But when you visit the same page, there will be 12 games in total: 2 of them will be available only for you. These games will have much higher table limits and even joining one will require thousands of Euros.

Other than the table limits you get and special game rooms that can be seen only by you, there is no difference: The games are still played by the same rules. They will also be the same games – you will still be playing blackjack, for example, but table limits will be thousands of Euros. Top high roller online casinos allow VIP players to wager huge amounts and cash out even more.

In other words, you don’t need to learn how casino games work from scratch: The European roulette rules, for example, will be the same but with higher table limits.

However, as will be explained below, you will have access to additional features too: For example, when you click on the “live chat” button, a special customer representative will immediately contact you and start working on your complaint personally.

Or, you will see additional payment methods that are exclusive to you and get much faster withdrawal speeds. In general, you will be getting a personalized service in all aspects: Everything will work faster for you. This is true at any high roller new bitcoin casinos or anonymous Bitcoin casino sites with Bitcoin slots, as well as those who rely solely on traditional money, so the benefits are the same.

What You Get For Being A Casino High Roller

Being a player who rolls big is advantageous in many ways. High rollers are a special type of players, so they get special offers.

Most of them will be the same bonuses that “ordinary” members get but with much higher rates and upper limits. In addition, they get exclusive offers that are not available to other members.

Here are a couple of benefits you will get at high roller casinos:

  • Higher Welcome Bonus Rates. The first deposit of all new members are matched by the casino site, but the match rates are usually limited to 100%. If you are ready to deposit big amounts, you will get much higher match rates. The bonuses are so good that they will make the high rollers meaning self-evident. How does 600% sound?
  • Higher Deposit Match Rates. Same goes for the reload bonuses. As a high roller, you will constantly deposit money to your account. And the high roller casino will match them with bigger rates, not available to “ordinary” players. This rate will go way over 100%, so you will always have bonus funds to continue playing.
  • Special Cashback Bonuses. If you like to spend big, you can get big refunds too. Cashback bonuses are available to every member but yours will be higher: You can win back nearly 25% of your losses on a constant basis. Brick-and-mortar casinos can never match these rates.
  • Invite To VIP Tables. You will get constant invites to high limit tables. These games won’t be available to all members – in fact, they won’t know they exist. You can use multiplayer features on these tables too, and for example, use voice communication, which is a feature that is not offered to other members.
  • Invite To Global Tournaments. High roller casino sites organize global tournaments every year. As a high roller player, you will be automatically included in these events and get the chance to compete on a global level. Prizes of these tournaments can easily reach millions of Euros and you can be the winner.
  • Invite To Real World Events. Cruise tours, tropical islands, VIP seats to important sports events: High roller players will be invited to lots of real world events and they won’t spend a penny to join them. The high roller casino management will handle all of the expenses.
  • Personal Support Agents. The customer support agent you talk will be exclusive to you. He/she is there to answer only your questions and you can access customer support any time of the day. Plus, you will get a personal account manager that will handle all of your financial transactions.
  • Faster Withdrawals. No matter which payment method you choose, you will always get instant withdrawals, period. Nobody will “approve” your withdrawal requests. Plus, you get to use the best casino payment methods that are not available to anyone else.
  • Fewer Fees. All of your deposits and withdrawals will be commission free. You won’t be paying any fees, no matter how big your transactions are.

Don’t Forget To Benefit From High Roller Casino Loyalty Rewards

In addition to the benefits above, there is one more important advantage you get at highroller casino sites: loyalty rewards. You are probably familiar with this system: All members in an online casino can gain loyalty points (LP) for playing games. These are usually the fuel needed to climb the ladder at the best high roller casino sites and make incremental progress until you meet the requirement to join the elite.

For example, a specific slot game can award you 1 LP every time you play it. And once you reach a certain total, you can convert these points to real cash. The conversion rates are usually low, and for example, you get 1 EUR for collecting 1.000 points.

Thing is, this system works much more efficiently for high rollers. First of all, the loyalty points you get are based on the amount you wager. In other words, you get big points if you play big. So the high rollers are always able to accumulate much more points in a short time.

But this is not the only advantage: Their conversion rates are advantageous too. An ordinary player may get 1 EUR in exchange for 1.000 LP, but high rollers get 10 EUR for the same amount.

At some point, loyalty rewards turn into some sort of cashback bonus for them: They can get additional gambling balance for free by collecting and converting their loyalty points.

This is quite advantageous and while it will be different at each online casino, you may win back 10-15% of your gambling budget every month with these points. And if you are spending 10.000 EUR every week, for example, this is a good ratio.

Plus, loyalty programs have their own levels and you get additional rewards at each level. For example, reaching the “diamond” level can award you 500 free spins which you can use at any slot machine.

High rollers gain access to these special offers much faster and use them efficiently.

Land Based Or Online: Which One Is Better For High Rollers?

Simply put, online casinos. There was a time when brick-and-mortar casinos were best for this type of gambling: cigar-smoke filled rooms, serious looking players, thousands of dollars on the table…

If you have watched a couple of Hollywood movies, we are sure you have an idea about how this high roller in casino rooms look like. However, the only things brick-and-mortar casinos are able to offer high rollers are free food and room.

That’s it – free accommodation. No personal bonuses or no other promotions that target specific players. You get to live and eat for free, as long as you keep gambling. That’s not a bad thing, but probably not the best incentive if you are playing the high roller online casino game and can already afford all these.

As we all know, online casinos offer more bonuses to players when compared to their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Even the “ordinary” members get tons of bonus offers.

Now imagine the high roller bonuses: We listed a couple of them above and it is obvious that playing big at online casinos gives more advantages.

You get big cashbacks, amazing match rates for deposits, personal account managers, invites to real world events… None of these are available at brick-and-mortar casinos.

High roller players can still score millions of dollars at online casinos: Take a look at the Guinness World Records Book if you don’t believe us. The highest casino payouts in the world come from online casino tournaments.

Below, you can see a couple of them – all of these poker tournament payouts are made by online casinos.

  • 800.000 USD – WSOP 2014 Online Poker Tournament
  • 512.000 USD – WSOP 2007 Online Main Event
  • 670.000 USD – 2012 Big One Online Poker Tournament

Let’s face it: All high rollers in the world prefer to play at online casinos now. This is also due to their sponsorship agreements – they get paid to play at a specific online casino.

Even the professional high rollers prefer online gambling instead of land-based one, so why don’t you do the same? Oh and here is another benefit you get when you pick online gambling.

You don’t need to spend a penny on travel expenses. You can become a high roller at casino from the comfort of your own home.

FAQ About High Roller Casinos

Of course not. Being a casino roller is not easy after all: Most of these players are professional gamblers who do this as a job. In other words, gambling is the only thing they do and they are naturally talented for this.
Yes and no. Making big deposits is certainly a requirement but it is not the only thing needed. As explained above, two things are needed to become a casino high roller: a big budget and skill. If you have only the budget, you can become a member of the VIP Club.
Yes. If you don’t play enough games and/or fall below a certain betting limit, you may lose your status as a casino high roller. This almost never happens as high rollers gamble as a profession. In other words, this is their job and they need to do it in order to gain money.
High roller casino games are almost always card games, for the reasons explained above. Most of the rollers prefer blackjack and poker, for obvious reasons. Both games have high table limits and high RTP rates. This is especially true for community poker variants, such as Texas Hold’em.

Find the Best High Rollers Casino Online and Get Started!

Well, now you know which ones are the top casinos online for high roller players. If you plan on becoming one, these are the casino sites to play.

All of these high roller casinos offer extraordinary bonuses to players and more importantly, lots of tournaments to compete on a global level.

The only thing left is getting ready: High roller games are not for the faint of heart and you should really know what you are doing.

Still, if high limit casinos really are not for you, you can always try $10 Paysafe casinos – NZ based.

Start practicing, become a master, and roll the dice higher – good luck!


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