The blackjack game hasn’t changed much since it was invented, but a few rules have been added to make it more interesting.

In the paragraphs below, you’ll learn what 5 Card Charlie is and how this rule can spice up your gaming adventure.

This is one of the old rules mainly used in friendly games, but some online casinos have added the 5-card blackjack rule.

You might find it at European blackjack tables, so it’s worth learning when to make 5-card wins at 21.

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What is 5 card Charlie? 👩🏻‍🏫

To successfully use the 5-card Charlie in blackjack you need to understand what it stands for. Just as the name suggests, it gives you another chance of winning by simply using five cards without going bust.

You don’t need to beat the dealer by having a higher hand total, so this is a guaranteed winning opportunity. This rule isn’t available at all blackjack tables and it comes in different flavors where it is offered.

That’s why punters will also read the game rules to find out does 5 card Charlie apply to the dealer and does 5 card Charlie beat blackjack before they sit down and start playing.

Basic 5-Card Charlie rules in Blackjack

Once you have the 5 card Charlie explained you know that the key prerequisite is to use blackjack 5 cards without busting. The key requirement which applies to all the other hands played in the game is not to go over 21 in blackjack. You play the game normally, just as you would with other types of blackjack, but are given the incentive to ask for more cards.


♥️ If book imageyou start with an eight and a low card the right call is to hit

♤ 5 card Charlie rules recommend counting Aces as one

♣️ If you have a soft 18 with four cards you should hit it again

♢ Stand at totals above 17 if the dealer has 16, which is the worst hand in blackjack

Further Information

Because of the advantages that 5 card Charlie odds gives to players, it becomes one of the most profitable casino games. As a result, any safe online casino will amend the blackjack payments or introduce other rules to level the playing field.

Five-card Charlie pays to 1 if you use the minimum number of cards, but you might only get 6 to 5 blackjack. It’s important to consider these downsides when you start playing five-card Charlie at a new online casino.

How do the payments work in Charlie 5 cards in Blackjack?

The chances to win at live casinos offering five-card Charlie games are the same as if you play traditional blackjack. However, the payments can differ in blackjack, as the live casino online might try to reduce the player’s advantage.

5 card Charlie reviews highlight the fact that most games will pay equal money if you the blackjack five-card rule to win the hand. The chances for this to happen are less than 1.5%, but this still makes the 5 card blackjack game more lucrative. That’s why, casinos might be tempted to pay less on blackjack, so instead of 3 to 2, you might get 6 to 5.

What to do in 5 card Charlie situation?

When you play blackjack at an online casino in Europe, you need to know how to act in specific situations. A blackjack cheat sheet can help you make the right call depending on your cards and the dealers, but things are more complicated with special game varieties. You need to know what is surrender in blackjack, what’s the optimal blackjack tournament strategy and how Spanish 21 compares to the mainstream varieties.

It is even more important to figure out which are the right calls when playing 5-card Charlie real money double exposure blackjack. In addition to exercising proper blackjack money management, you need to know when to hit and stand, as well as when to double down in blackjack with this rule.


👉 You should always hit if you have a soft 17 or less

👉 Hit on soft 18 or 19 with four cards unless the dealer has 15 or 16

👉 Hit on any hand lower than 17 even if you don’t have an ace

👉 Stand on hard 17 or higher unless the dealer has an ace

👉 Double down on hard 10 and hard 11

Difference between 5 and 6 card Charlie in Blackjack ⚖️

The name speaks for itself and the rules are only slightly different to accommodate the extra card. Whether you bet real currency, use play money, or enjoy Dogecoin blackjack the difference refers exclusively to the number of cards used.

Six card Charlie in blackjack will require you to use six cards without going bust to automatically win, regardless of what the dealer is showing. There are online mobile blackjack games where a seven-card Charlie rule applies, but these are more difficult to find.

Advantages and disadvantages of the 5-card Charlie

  • Spices things up for blackjack players
  • Gives you a second chance to win the hand
  • Fun rule to use in friendly games
  • Available at a few online casinos
  • 5 card Charlie games are much slower

What Are the Strategies for Blackjack 5-Card Charlie?

5 card Charlie in blackjack is a nice addition to the classic 21-card game rules, but it doesn’t alter the main strategies. You need to learn the 21 Charlie meaning and then rely on the blackjack hands guides to make the right decision regarding hitting and standing.

Depending on the number of decks used in blackjack you could incorporate card counting into your online casino strategy blackjack. However, we advise you to stick to the proven blackjack hit-or-stand tactics to be successful.


We don’t advise surrendering when playing any online casino games of blackjack or using martingale strategies, to double your bet until you win. Do take insurance in blackjack? Absolutely not! Don’t believe online casino myths and wonder if online blackjack is rigged. Instead, stick to the blackjack rule card and play the best hands in blackjack by relying on math rather than intuition at 5-card Charlie live dealer games included.

Frequently asked questions about 5 card Charlie

At most casinos offering the five card game Charlie rule the blackjack will still win the hand.
Five card Charlie only applies to the player, so the dealer can’t benefit from this mechanic.
At some casinos, you might win five times the stakes if you use five cards to make a hand.
It depends on the casino offering the game, but generally, it is the blackjack that wins every time.
It’s hard to find online casinos offering this game, but there are places where you can enjoy this rule.
The rule was invented in Vegas, but it is mostly used for 5 card Charlie friends and casual games.

The more the merrier with 5 card Charlie

If you want to spice things up in the casino, don’t jump to three-card blackjack because there is a better option. 5 card Charlie gives you a second chance to win the hand without actually beating the dealer, so the odds are tilted in your favor.

It’s a fun game to play and the safety net it provides makes it appealing to both casual and veteran punters. After you master this game, learn what is a 6-card Charlie in blackjack and start looking for casinos offering this game.