Developed by gaming pioneer, Geoff Hall, and Scientific Games, this is another variant of the popular game, Blackjack.

The game is popular all around the world amongst players who are interested in gambling platforms.

The name of the game doesn’t mean that everything that comes with the platform is for free but rather implies there are a lot of freebies and bonuses for them to procure.

The game reduces the risk involved for the player when splitting or doubling in the game.

What is Free Bet Blackjack?

The bet blackjack is a variant of the blackjack by the game inventor, Geoff Hall. The twist with this is that most time, players don’t need to risk their own money during split or double.

This variant is played using a Standard English deck of cards with no jokers being in the mix. The basic rules of blackjack apply here as the same as table minimums and maximums. To start the game, a wager has to be placed to initiate a hand, as this answers the question of ‘’how does free bet blackjack works?’’.

The bet will then be placed in the circle on the table but there is a minimum threshold of $5. As soon as all the bets are made by all the participating parties in the game, two cards are then shared with all the players as well as the dealer. One of the most thrilling moves in blackjack is the split and double down blackjack.

The first player has to make an action with a clockwise rotation from the dealer, then the bettor makes an action in response to what the player does. As soon as all the players have made their moves, the dealer shows the house’s down card.

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The Do’s and the Don’ts of the Game:

This game is centred around some set of rules and there are therefore many potential free bet blackjack RTP. One can only play it safe if one knows the rules that guide how to play free bet blackjack and abides by them:

  • The game is played in six decks
  • The dealer hits soft 17’s
  • Doubling after splitting is allowed
  • The double move can only be made on two cards
  • A player can resplit pairs up to four hands, aces included
  • There is no surrender allowed
  • A player does not get the free bet perks without giving up something in return.

Understanding what Surrender is in Blackjack

The action is exactly what the name is and it involves the player giving up their hand which means losing half of the original wager put into the game.

The Blackjack Free Bet

This is a free bet blackjack strategy which is indicated by a ‘Free Bet’ button which the player can access when it’s being placed to them. The strategy itself is an action in which when the dealer hits soft 17, the player can double down on any of the first two cards.

When it comes to the overall blackjack switch vs free bet blackjack the edge the casino has is around 0.5% for most games.

Is it Possible to Beat the Blackjack Free Bet?

With an optimal strategy and attentive card counting, the player has a high chance of beating the game and making profits on the wager placed; as some players know how to win at blackjack without counting cards.

What are the odds of Free Bet Blackjack?

The odds of the player winning are as high as 98.96% with the house having an edge of 1.04% under the standard rules stated. Although not everyone knows how to play free bet blackjack, the Free Bet Blackjack odds are highly in favor of the player with the percentage higher than most other variants available.

The Odds of Free Bet Blackjack against other Blackjack Variants

Generally, the odds involved with Free Bet Blackjack is just the same as those involved with other blackjack variants with the house edge barely creeping over 1%.

Here are some comparisons:

  • Free Bet Blackjack: 1.04%
  • Blackjack Switch: 0.58% under the standard Las Vegas Rules
  • Blackjack Plus: 6.36%
  • 21 Burn Blackjack: 0.54%
  • Double Blackjack: 1.02%

Strategy to Beat the Free Bet Blackjack

With an optimal free bet blackjack strategy and proper analysis of moves, it is possible to come out in a favorable outcome.

The house edge is quite low, so there is a higher chance for those who play free bet blackjack online to win, and with well enough strategizing, one is sure to attain a blackjack dealer mistake-free bet solely because of right knowledge about how to beat free bet blackjack.

What the Free Bet Blackjack Chart really entails

The strategy to be implemented depends on whether you’re staking your own funds or if it’s a free bet. There are cases when a more aggressive strategy is perfect for use and cases where they are not.

The blackjack cheat sheet is a more simple chart that suggests various different types of actions a player can take when the game is being played such as hit, split, double down, surrender, etc.

Some of the most common strategy for the free bet blackjack chart you can analyze are:

  • Real Money Hand Chart
  • Free Hand Chart
  • Splits Hand Chart

Pros and Cons of Free Bet Blackjack

  • Free splits and double down bets
  • The Blackjacks can’t push on dealer’s 22
  • The most that will be risked while playing the entire hand is the initial stake
  • The game’s house edge is higher relative to the standard blackjack
  • The dealer is allowed to push his 22’s against lower hands and 21

The Free Bet Blackjack Variants

The game itself is a variant of the Blackjack game and no other variants of the game itself have been made available to players. For now, players can enjoy the original variant itself and maybe sometime in the future, there might be a variant of Free Bet Blackjack for players.

Best Betting Strategy for Free Bet Blackjack

Below are some blackjack basic strategy itemized as follows:

  • Free Split:

A player can ‘free split’ any pair of cards up to three times to get a total of four hands except for 10-value cards. ‘Free splitting’ can also be done on aces as well but you will get only one card on each ace. As soon as your ‘free split’ hand wins, a number of chips equal to the amount of your stake will be placed by the dealer beside the ‘free bet’ button.

  • Free Double:

A ‘free double’ action can be placed on the first two-card hand which totals up to 9, 10, or 11. The action can also be made after splitting if you have a two-card hard hand which totals up to 9, 10, or 11. If the ‘free double’ wins, a number of chips, which is twice the amount of your original wager will be placed next to wager, will be placed by the dealer and the ‘free bet’ button will be removed as well.

But if the hand loses, then the original wager and the ‘free bet’ button will both be removed by the dealer. And if the hand ends up in a push, then a push will be signaled by the dealer and the ‘free bet’ button will also be removed. This strategy is unlike the blackjack strategy 1-3-2-6 where players stake is increased by some set increments are following a winning blackjack hand, thus, having to beat the dealer means more earnings.

  • Push 22 Bet:

This kind of bet wins only when a bust with a hand total of 22 is made by the dealer. As soon as this happens, every blackjack wagers result in a push. The Push 22 paytable will then be used to pay all winning Push 22 bets, and any other outcome results in a loss.

  • Pot Of Gold:

This is a side bet for free bet blackjack in which a player will place a wager on the bet spot for Pot of Gold. The total payout of the Pot of Gold wager is then based on the total number of gold Free Bet Lammers collected by the player for every blackjack hand. Although, it should be noted that all Pot of Gold wagers lose to a blackjack hand by the dealer. Just like the martingale blackjack system which is one found to work over 60% of the times better. Some player’s advice to get success is one needs a simple single deck blackjack strategy which works well.

The Legitimacy of Free Bet Blackjack Card Counting

Card counting is legal and possible in Free Bet Blackjack, it allows the players to bet with reduced risk. In fact, it makes the game a lot more profitable. The blackjack free bet card counting works the same (i.e. same value) and it’s with a higher house edge.

Establishing that the Free bet blackjack card counting is legal, of the most popular card games, is the Blackjack which is now made better by the built mobile blackjack which most players play from anywhere.

Must know about Push 22 Blackjack

Free Bet Blackjack Push 22 is an optional bonus wager which is based on a bust hand of 22 by the dealer. If the total point of the player doesn’t exceed 29, then the bonus wager will be paid and all the regular wagers are also pushed.

The exception to the Push 22 rule is the players’ blackjacks. The free bet blackjack push 22 is said to be a fair trade-off. The payout made to the player will then be based upon the paytable for Push 22.

The Free Bet Blackjack Against the Regular Blackjack

The only key rule difference between the free bet blackjack vs blackjack is that when the dealer gets 22’s, a bust wouldn’t happen but rather the hand will turn into a push.

The rule doesn’t matter because the game still has an incredibly low house edge which makes it one of the best blackjack variants available for players. The Blackjack free bet is a much simpler strategy and one offers more split and doubles that the conventional blackjack.

Frequently Asked Questions about Free Bet Blackjack

The title doesn’t imply the player gets everything for free but rather they have a chance to get a lot of goodies for the funds staked in the game.
The ratio of returns to the stake is 3:2 which means for every $2 staked, the player has a chance of winning $3. Every betting game comes with its risks but free bet blackjack offers players reduced risk when playing, and is definitely worth the money.
The game is available at casinos in Las Vegas and on some online gaming platforms. You can also play free bet blackjack online live. Las Vegas, is said to be the best for free bet blackjack Atlantic city. The Atlantic City Blackjack is aimed at beating the dealer.
The house edge for this blackjack variant is 1.04%.
The house edge is so much lower than most of the other blackjack variants meaning the players have a higher chance of making more money on this game.

Discover this Underrated Blackjack Variant and Start Playing Today!

After getting to know about the Free Bet Blackjack as an incredibly fun game, one needs not to wait to be told about the profitability and legitimacy any longer. Players are guaranteed to win big with the right game strategy and plays, there are lots of chances for them to realize this without risking much.