Spanish 21 match the dealer is a blackjack variety available at the best live online casinos.

Its rules are different from those applying to the classic game, which influences the house edge, and the player’s odds of winning.

In this guide we look at the rules of Spanish 21, the dealer side back and propose the best Spanish 21 strategy.

Learn how to play Spanish 21 and what is match the dealer side bet in Spanish 21.


Top 10 online casinos where you can play Spanish 21 - Updated list [2023]



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How to play Spanish match the dealer?

The Spanish 21 blackjack rules don’t differ too much from those that apply to the standard online blackjack real money game. The slight differences influence the house edge, while the special “match the dealer” side bet makes these blackjack variations truly exciting.

Ten-spot cards are removed from every deck of cards and Spanish blackjack is played with six decks or eight decks. Dealers stand on 17, although in some versions of the game, they can hit on soft 17, which slightly increases the house edge.

If you know how to play blackjack, you’ll enjoy playing Spanish 21 match the dealer. Blackjack pays 3:2 even if the dealer has a blackjack, which is a big advantage for the player. Insurance only pays 2:1, which makes the worst Spanish blackjack match the dealer bet with a house edge of nearly 25%. Any blackjack for beginners guide will recommend not to use insurance and this applies to Spanish 21 match the dealer.

Splitting or doubling are two popular mechanics in match the dealer in Spanish 21. You can double after splitting and split to a maximum of four hands, including aces. This drives the house edge lower and makes Spanish 21 match the dealer one of the best online casino games to win money.

If your hand is 21, you win automatically even if the dealer also has 21 if you make such a hand with five cards, you will be paid 3:2, while if six cards are used you will be paid 3:1

Once you learn what is surrender in blackjack you can use this knowledge on the Spanish match the dealer blackjack variant. You get half of the bet back if you use this game mechanic and it is possible to rely on it after doubling.

Some casinos even allow you to double after doubling, which is another Spanish 21 online match the dealer advantage. There is no match the dealer progressive jackpot to be won, but you can win $5000 if you get a suited 7-7-7 hand while the dealer has a 7.

Dealer side bet in Spanish 21

Spanish 21 blackjack match the dealer has different rules, but one of them stands out from the crowd. The existence of the side bet is what differentiates it from the classic blackjack 21 card game. This special bet will compare the players’ cards with the dealer’s upcard.

If you match the rank of the dealer’s card you’ll be paid 4:1 if the game is played with six decks. The bonus shrinks to 3:1, but a perfect match of suit and rank will pay 9:1 on six decks, respectively 12:1 on eight decks.

Spanish 21 match the dealer online games can have slightly different payouts for the special bet. The dealer stands on soft 17 in some games, while the dealer hits a soft 17 in other varieties.

These variations of the Spanish 21 rules will impact the house edge, as well as the long-term Spanish 21 match the dealer payouts. The side bet carries a house edge of 3%, which is low but still above the classic game.

There is a clear link between the total number of cards used and the payouts for the special bet. This can happen at games played against algorithms, as well as live online casino tables.

There are more casinos offering live blackjack than Spanish 21 match the dealer, hence fewer choices for the fans of the latter. Spanish 21 match the dealer odds are overall better, so it is worth looking for casinos offering this game.

Basic dealer strategy in Spanish 21 match the dealer

Blackjack is the most popular game of cards, therefore you can find plenty of blackjack tips online. It is easy to find a free bet blackjack guide and use it for Spanish 21, as the strategies are similar. The rules can differ from one casino to the other and this applies for the Spanish 21 side bet match the dealer odds.

Any pair of aces, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 or 9 should be split, except for suited 7s when the dealer has a 7. Players must stand when they have a pair of 9s against a dealer’s Ace, 2 or 7. By comparison, Spanish 21 match the dealer strategy dictates that players should hit on hard 14 regardless of what the dealer has.

Doubling down on 10 and 11 is a good play and you should always hit on soft 12 and 17. Standing is the right thing to do on soft 18 and 19, yet it is worth hitting when you have a soft 19 with six cards.

Spanish 21 match the dealer odds

Whether you want to learn how to win at a slot tournament or a Spanish 21 match the dealer you need to understand the odds. How to calculate Spanish 21 match the dealer odds should be the top priority and these are some of the figures to keep in mind. Assuming you use proper strategy, the house edge ranges between 0.40% and 0.80% depending on the number of decks use.

Another thing to understand is what is match the dealer in Spanish 21 depending on the rule changes. In case of no surrender on hard and soft 17, the change in house edge is less than 0.02%. It also increases slightly for no draws on split aces, but it’s shrinks by -0.16% if a natural after split pays 3:2. All these numbers are worth remembering for achieving Spanish 21 how to match the dealer best results.

Spanish 21 match the dealer Tips and Tricks

The match the dealer in Spanish 21 rules are easy enough to learn, but the game can be difficult to master. Once you learn the best hands in blackjack you can use this knowledge for this version of the game and be successful. Whether you play PayPal blackjack or learn how to match the dealer in Spanish 21 these tips and tricks will always help you achieve the best results.

Hit on any hard hand that has a total of 8 or lower. Just like Wesley Snipes said, always bet on black meaning is to stick to the plan and you will emerge victorious in the long run. By contrast, you should always stand when the hard hands total is 17 or higher.

One of the less exciting tips for match the dealer in Spanish 21 is to actually avoid the special bet. This means that you should stick to the standard Spanish 21 game as the extra bet has a house edge of 3%.

Pros and Cons of Spanish 21 match the dealer

  • You automatically win when you make 21
  • The game rewards perseverance and the use of math
  • Standard blackjack rules apply and house edge is low
  • Without 10s in the deck it is more difficult to make 21

Frequently Asked Questions on Spanish 21 match the dealer

The special match the dealer bet pays $5000 if you get a suited 7-7-7 hand while the dealer has a 7.
Online casinos offer bonuses for all blackjack varieties, including this game.
Spanish 21 match the dealer can be played at both land-based and online on real and play money.
The house edge is lower than in most casino games, with a return to player of more than 99%.
Match the dealer in Spanish 21 can be played at most online casinos, so choose a licensed one.
Use optimal strategy and stick to blackjack charts instead of intuition and you’ll be successful.
The house edge is just as low and with the right strategy, it can be decreased to less than 1%.

Broaden your horizon with Spanish 21 match the dealer

Spanish 21 match the dealer can be a fun game to play if you know blackjack and want to try something different. We wholeheartedly recommend this game because of the low house edge, even with the special bet. The standard variety is the most profitable in the long run, because of the high return to the player.

The match the dealer side bet has the merit of producing potential winnings of $5000. Overall, this is a game that rewards commitment and perseverance, as well as the use of maps and the correct strategy.