Slots are incredibly popular as they require no specialized skills, making them quite easy to play. Gamers love the best online slots (like Centre Court slots or Mega Moolah), and it is no surprise that their tournaments are increasingly becoming more and more common at the best online casino games to win money every day.

How does a slot tournament work, though? How do you play in a slot tournament, and more importantly, how do you win a slot tournament?

In this article, we will explain all the fundamental and critical aspects of slot tournaments; essentially equipping you with the best strategy on how to win in a slot tournament.

As well as that, we will also cover some of the best online slot tournaments online, and what they can offer you. Are slot tournaments rigged, and what’s the secret to winning slot tournaments? Read on to find out more.

If you are wondering how to win a slot tournament, you are in the right place, read on, and you’ll become the best player in no time. But firstly, let’s go through exactly what they are and how they work.

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What is a Slot Tournament - How Does It Work?

So, what is a slot tournament and how does it work? As complicated as the term, slot machine tournament may sound, it’s actually pretty simple. The slot tournament rules are similar to playing an online pokie, only that instead of winning the pay table amount, you gain a grand prize from a pool of money drawn in by other players. And to win you have to spin the reels and the outcome should be in your favour.

You will still be able to pocket regular in-game prizes but playing casino slot tournaments (as opposed to individual games) with real money, or even free slot tournaments can see you win real money cash prizes, too. Some of these can be considerable, such as those found in progressive slot tournaments and competitions

To join slot machine tournaments, you will be required to sign up in the selected casino, even at $5 minimum deposit slots sites. In most cases, there is an entry fee. Read through the terms in the fine print to identify if this is the only cost involved in joining the game.

The other most crucial slot tournament tips are to find out how the contest runs as the conditions vary from tournament to tournament. In most cases, if the match has a 50-person cap, each contributing $80, the total grand reward for the winner will be $4000. In some cases this is broken down in stages, read on to find out how.

Now that you understand the basics of these contests let us now explain to you, how to win online slot tournaments. When the match starts, each player spins the reels from their own devices using virtual credits given. For every spin, the number of credits used is removed from the total balance.

For every win, the player is awarded some points. Every game has its own rules and payout system which is listed in the pay table. The answer to, ‘how do you win a slot tournament’ is within the game’s basic rules.

Every tournament has a specific amount of time to play; for example it could run for thirty minutes. Once the time is over, the machine locks itself, and, the player with the highest number of credits wins. You will be able to see all the contestants and their scores once the session ends.

The best online slots tournaments may be short, or they may be lengthy. Each has its own slot machine tournament strategy which can be used. Short tournaments can be ideal for those who want to play briefly, while longer tournaments suit those with more cash to splash. It is up to you to figure out what suits you best.

Sometimes, the contests are broken down into different rounds each with a separate reward. So players in these types of tournaments are competing to outdo each other to rank higher.

For such games, the prizes are broken down into separate amounts with the final round having the largest reward. These contests can take a long period, before the final last competition for the grand prize is held.

Of course, there is no one answer to “what is a slot tournament and how does it work?” As you can see, there are several different types, each with its own rules and regulations. Nor is there one secret to winning slot tournaments. You won’t find just one answer in any bespoke “how to win slot machine tournaments” guide. Instead, you should base your strategy on whatever type of tournament you’re having a crack at. With that in mind, let’s see if we can uncover a slot machine tournament strategy for you…

Four Crucial Strategies on How To Win A Slot Machine Tournament

Is there a slot tournament strategy that guarantees you will win? The answer is no. However, there are a couple of things any player can do to improve the overall winning chances, and these form the basis of our slot tournament tips guide. Remember, there is no one answer if you’re wondering what’s the secret to winning in slot tournaments. It’s all about being smart, staying ahead of other players and making the right moves. Here’s how to do it:

  • Spin repeatedly. Since these games are timed, it only makes sense to repeatedly spin the reels to play the most rounds. To avoid losing the precious time, tap the spin button consecutively and just rest during the short break periods provided. The more the rounds within the short period, the more your chances of winning.
  • Spin The Maximum / highest Bet. Did you know that all the credits that are not used up at the end of the game are wasted? Well, with this in mind, ensure you place the maximum bet on all rounds. This will ensure proper utilisation of the available credits and also increase your chances of bigger wins. The higher the gain, the higher you will rank and the better the chances of getting the highest payout.
  • Play On All Paylines. Before placing a bet, activate all the pay lines. This will increase your potential wins if a winning combination is created on any of them. How devastating would it be to have a win line on an inactive pay line? Stay ahead of the game by playing with the most pay lines possible.
  • Wait to celebrate. It’s human nature to want to celebrate small wins. I mean who doesn’t love winning? However, when it comes to these contests, ignore all small wins at all cost. Only celebrate when the game ends. This will avoid losing concentration and wasting limited precious time. Unless your chosen slot tournaments are rigged (and this is rare, and only found with bad slot tournament software), you should easily be able to put together a strategy using the above information.

Why You Should Manage Your Money Accordingly in a Slot Tournament

As a pokie player, you have no choice but to manage your bankroll efficiently. If you think, merely placing bets and waiting for luck to play its part is how to win a casino slot tournament; then you probably need to head on to your refrigerator, grab a cold drink and sit back because you really need to read this.

Without knowing your finances, how would you really establish if you have won? Most people don’t consider the bet amount after winning. You could have placed a $50 bet only to win back $10. Without proper management, you could be thinking you are earning only to realise at the end you have indeed lost a chunk of money.

The most important way to manage cash in slot tournaments is to know all the costs involved. Read the terms and conditions of every match, go through the winning requirements and amounts payable in each stage or rank. Once you understand all this, go back and check your wallet. Do you have the money required to join a tournament without straining your finances?

The golden rule for gambling online is to’ Only Bet with Money you can Afford to Lose’, period. There’s no guarantee that you will win and no guarantee you will lose, so take into account both scenarios and be a smart bettor.

How to Use The Slot Bonuses to Win

What’s the secret to winning slot tournaments? There is no one big secret, but several. Using bonuses to give you a helping hand is one of them.

Casinos have bonuses to attract players and outdo the competition. The bonuses give out free credits and free rounds and at other times extra money. There are several  types of casino bonuses from the best casino welcome bonus, match bonus, cashback bonus, no deposit bonus to the loyalty bonus.

Take advantage of the free boost given and increase your bet limits. To do this, you have to research on the type of bonus available, the specific bonus codes to get them and all requirements to be met in order to acquire it.

Bonuses are great, however, read through the wagering requirements to know how many rounds you may have to spin the slots to convert wins into withdrawable cash. The best bonuses have the lowest wagering requirements.

Last but not least, check out some of the offers on this page. One of the best ways of winning on slots is to use invite codes, or promo codes. These can help you build up a solid bankroll before you tackle the games themselves.

Armed with plenty of cash, you’re likely to go much further in an online slot tournament than without such an offer.

Win Big with This Slot Tournament Strategy

So which strategy gives the best way to win a slot tournament? While most people believe winning is purely based on luck, this is not entirely true. Concentration, speed and bankroll management, and having fun are the most essential strategies you need.

Improve on your playing speed by having your fingers on the spin button always. Also, ensure your internet connection is super fast to avoid unforeseen delays. Those few split seconds in between could be the game changer.

Have optimum concentration when the contest starts. To do this, start by removing any distractions around you. Peep through the paytable and rewards system pre-hand. And when the tournament starts, don’t hesitate or lose concentration even after winning.

In short, don’t lose focus as you play. Most players miss out on playing all their credits by not being fast enough and losing concentration. It’s human nature to want to check what other players score, but, this should only be done once the session is closed.

Don’t forget to enjoy the games. Slots have different themes, soundtracks, symbols which are intended to entertain in addition to creating a winning opportunity. Novomatic slots (including the Roller Coaster slot machine), for example cover broad themes from ancient Egypt to Irish luck or food.

The best slot tournament strategy is to be fast, to concentrate and to enjoy the game.


Winning Tips for Slot Tournaments

To understand how to play a slot tournament, you will need to know all the features of the games played. Listed below are the main tips every player should keep in mind throughout the contests.

  • Set a Limit – Start off the process of joining the competition by having strict limits. Know your budget and have severe limitations to exceeding it. Once you know how much you can wager, identify a tournament within this limit and join it.
  • Long Term Plan – Smart gamblers have a long term plan. They have entry and exit points that guide their playing strategy. Don’t just go in blindly. Know when and for how long you can play. Have a monthly budget and set specific times to play. By being this disciplined, you will avoid disrupting your regular life commitments since we all know how addictive playing slots is.
  • Bring a Set Amount – Have a fixed amount to play with at all times. This should be in line with your limits, budget and long term plans. Be strict enough to not wager any amount above your limits.
  • Take advantage of bonuses – If someone gave you free money today, wouldn’t you accept it? Why then should you miss out on the free money casinos offer? Take advantage of any bonus no matter how low it is, like the best 5 dollar match bonus online casino offer. Before playing read through the promotions and offers available. Understand all the wagering requirements. Then finally, select the best bonus option with the best reward and the lowest wagering requirements. In case you are wondering, wagering requirements refer to the number of playthroughs you have to make before accessing any wins.
  • Spread your luck – Don’t focus on one game. Try out other slots with different themes and Returns to the player. The minimum RTP of any game you choose to play should be 90%. This means that for every dollar you will only stand to lose less than ten cents. The higher the RTP , the better.
  • Jackpot slots – Progressive jackpot slots offer players an opportunity to win big. The rewards can be as low as $500 to as much as $5,000,000 or even higher. In these games, many players come together to play at the same time from different parts of the world. The winner who takes the jackpots home is the one with the best score.
  • Betting – When betting always set the highest/maximum bet amount of the game. The higher the bet per line the more the winning payout. Only and we repeat only, bet with the maximum bet amount. Use the + sign to adjust your bet accordingly. Do high limit slots pay betterYou are more likely to win larger amounts of cash the higher your bet amount is but slots with a high or low RTP rate can both be high limit slots.
  • Paytable – Look at the pay table before playing to understand how the game works. From the pay table, you’ll understand what combinations result in a payout, the number of pay lines and special features such as wilds, scatters and other bonuses (like the bonus buy slots feature).
  • Play for free – You have to play the free game versions if you want to understand how to win slot tournaments. Every slot has a demo version. From the demo versions, you will understand the functions of each button, how to place bets and spin the reels.
  • The RNG (Random Number Generator) – If you are wondering, ‘how does a slot tournament work?’ Then you need to understand the RNG system. The results of any slot round are generated by RNGs. Each outcome is unique and completely random.
  • The Random number generators are influenced by the game’s RTP (Returns to Player). A higher RTP lowers the house edge and increases the player’s winning odds.
  • Payout Tickets – Once you win, you will acquire a payout ticket that is redeemable into real money. Remember to always register your casino account with the name represented on your identification documents. In order to cash out, you will be required to prove your identity, and your documents should match up to the details provided in the account.

Three Main Types of Slot Tournaments

There are three main types of slot tournaments listed below:

  • Buy-in – in this tournament, the player pays a buy-in, by using portions of the entry cost which contribute to the pool and the casino. The prize pools of most of these contests are usually much more significant than any other type. The grand prize could be as high as 6 figures.
  • Freerolls- With the free-roll type, the player does not require a real money entry fee. He/she can join the competition in two ways; with no charges at all or with loyalty points. The first way is great as the player can play without risking any money at all. It is perfect for players who don’t have any cash and are trying to create a bankroll.

In order to join these type of contests, you will have to sign up online on the site or join the land-based casino mailing list. However, as attractive as they may be they have a significant downside. In many cases, the returns of such tournaments are pretty low. You can find hundreds or thousands of players trying to compete to win a few dollars.

The second way of joining with loyalty points will require the player to play the real cash rounds before accessing the exclusive freerolls. However, the good thing about such entries is that they have limited players and the prize pool is large.

  • VIP Tournaments – In the VIP tournaments, players can only join after an exclusive invite from the casino. In most cases, you will have to have been a player for some time and have maintained a specific bankroll to qualify. In short, you have to keep a particular status to become eligible and of course be a part of the casino VIP program.

These types of contests have massive prize pools and few contestants. The only problem is that they are tough to acquire.

FAQ about winning Slot Tournaments

As long as you play in a safe and licensed casino, no, slot tournaments are not rigged in any way. There is no need for that: The participants spend more money than the big prize, so it is the players that fund this event.
If no tickets are involved, nothing. You can simply select one of the games in the tournament and start playing, there are no extra costs. In other words, slot tournaments are free of charge.
If you are not paying for a ticket, yes. You simply keep playing games like you always do and get a chance to win a big prize. In short, without spending more money, you can win more.
This depends on the rules. If points are acquired according to bet amounts, play all the games with the maximum bet value. If payouts are used to determine the winners, all you need to do is be lucky enough.
This depends on the rules of that bonus. Most casinos allow you to use the bonus balance in events like slot tournaments, but you should check the terms & conditions of both the bonus and tournament to find out.

Conclusion - Our Two Cents on How to Win at a Slot Tournament

As you can see, there is no need to ask, “are slot tournaments rigged?” anymore. They represent one of the fairer competitions you can find at online casinos. Similarly, over the course of this article, you will have identified different aspects of slot tournaments which may appeal to you.

If you have never tried these competitions, we hope you now know how to play slot tournaments. We advise any new player to go through our tips and strategies keenly then proceed to try playing the games for free before they play the real money rounds. If you have been an unsuccessful slot tournament player, we hope our short guide will help change your fate.

Slot tournaments are fun and present a whole new way of winning big in a casino. As you try your luck in them keep in mind our four main strategies; spin continuously, always place the maximum bet, play with all play lines and only celebrate wins once the session is over. With that said, we wish you all the best!