Gamblers who love slot games can play either for fun or real money. If you are playing for real money, you will need to know how to tell if a slot machine is going to pay out.

This is not easy for players who want to earn real money by playing at the best online slots.

So, how do you choose a slot machine that guarantees you consistent wins?

Our article covers this in details and shows you how to tell if a slot machine is getting ready to pay off.

How to Choose a Winning Slot Machine And Ensure Consistent Wins!

The first step to making real money at the slots is to choose a slot machine. Most times, playing your favorite game allows you to stand a chance at winning. Gambling enthusiast and experts attest to the fact that familiarity with a particular game is a sure way of walking away with huge wins.

There are numerous slot games such as quick hit slot machines odds that players can choose from. Free versions are also available.  If you are not confident about your sills, use the free versions of your choice game until you are confident enough of the strategy tips and tricks in a casino before placing ay real money to learn how to win.

Picking Winning Slots Machines with the Biggest Payouts

Knowing what slot machines payout most often is the first step for all gamblers who want to bag huge winnings from the casino. Look for a machine that has a history of paying out wins to players as often as possible. Players should know how to win penny slots machines with best odds.
Players should look out for the Return to Player (RTP) before deciding on which slots to play with.

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Where Can Players Find The RTP?

Slot machine providers do not indicate the RTPs for payers most of the times. Find a casino near me with slot machines with best payouts and once you are sure which game, look at the slot machine reviews online. You will find a lot of information about RTP percentages.

Use this as a guideline to decide on how to tell which slot machine will hit.  RTP percentages vary from one slot to another. Choose the machine that has the highest RTP which is about 97% for high limit slot machines as well as casinos with the highest payout rates. But do high limit slots pay betterIf a slot has a RTP of 95% or 97% is not that important when looking for substantial winnings, if it doesn’t allow big stakes.

Once you know the RTP, you can apply tips that really work to win.

How to Measure the Volatility or Variances of Slots

Choosing the best time play slot machines is dependent on the slot’s volatility. Volatility or variance determines the risk involved when a player plays a slot for real cash. Low volatility levels mean that the probability of winning is high but if the variance is high, the chances of losing are high.

Both options have risks attached to them.  Gamblers can use free spins and bonuses to determine the risk levels of the slot. These rewards help you test the volatility of the slots without losing any real money and to beat slot machines.

Don’t Settle For the Obvious Option When Gambling

Online casinos are established for one reason—to make money from gamblers. When a deal is too good, think twice. Players should look for more information about a slot before playing. There are numerous slots on the casino site.
The best payout slots machines may not be on the first page of the casino. High limit slot jackpots are a good option for gamblers who are daring enough. Carefully examine the RTP and the variance for each slot before you place real money.

Avoid Branded Slots

What slot machines payout the most often? Branded slots are attractive to the eye but have no returns at the end of a gaming session. Gamblers should keep off any slot that features movies, TV shows or your favorite music group. Bets are often high but the payouts are too little.
Branded slots are used by casino operators to draw crowds to the slots. More often than not, they are too difficult to win and players end up losing everything to the casino. Better safe than sorry.

Use the Free Spins to Your Advantage

Free spins are rewards awarded to players either after registration or after you become a consistent customer at the casino. The welcome bonus free spins have no wagering requirements for many jackpot jump slot machines.
You will not need to deposit any money into your site account to access the free spins. Other slot machines award their players with free spins for every deposit they make into the casino.
Extra spins give you an extra chance at your favorite game and increase your chances of winning.

Play Pyramid Quest for Immortality Slot with Free Spins

Use the extras spins to explore the pyramids of Egypt at no extra cost. The slot features 720 paylines and 5 reels on the machine. It features slot machine symbols, like Wild and scatter symbols, which include the pharaohs, wilds, gods and the famous pyramids. Pyramid quest for immortality has an RTP of 96.4% making it a high limit slot machine.

How Do Players Beat Slot Machines?

Beating slot machines- not literally-is not possible but winning consistently is. Once you discover a slot that has favorable terms and conditions, RTPs, promotions and bonuses and has good ratings from expert reviewers, your chance to win to slots is higher.

5 Easy Ways of Finding A Loose Slot Machine and Hit A Jackpot

A loose slot machine increases your chances of winning or if you are keen to know how to tell when a slot machine is close to hitting the jackpot or when. So what is the easiest way of learning how to tell if a slot machine is loose?

We discuss 5 quick tips below:

  1. Machine Timing

Watch the machine carefully and observe the results on the screen. Here, you will be able to tell when a slot machine is about to a jackpot especially if the machine has not made any huge payouts for some time to players. Chances are you will be the one hitting the jackpot on the slot machine if they give up.

  1. Machine Cycles

How can you tell if a slot machine is ready to pay out? Observe the cycles of the machine and the games. The machine will at one point release the jackpot. Don’t leave yet. This is an easy way on how to tell when a slot machine is about to hit.

  1. Machine Popularity

Play with slot machines that popular amongst other gamblers in a land-based casino.

  1. Don’t Stick Around For Too Long

Once you have bagged enough wins from a slot machine, walk away or you might end up losing everything.

  1. Jump for the high limit slot machine

Using verified high limit slot machine strategies, stake big on the machines to achieve high limit jackpots. Payouts are high and you have a chance at hitting the jackpot on a slot machine. However, these slots are much more suitable for high rollers in casinos.

These are easy ways on how to tell when a slot is close to hitting the jackpot.

How to Read a Jackpot Slot Machine Accurately

High limit slot machine jackpots have distinct differences that make each of them unique. Some of the distinctive features include:
Multipliers And Bonus Multipliers
The multiplier uses the symbols in the game and for each amount placed, it comes into play. Bonus multipliers’ award bonus to the player as a plus but one has to play with the highest amount possible to earn the jackpot.
Slot machines have multiple paylines triggered by the stake placed.
Progressive Slots
A fraction of the money staked is collected into a single jackpot prize.
• Buy-a-pay
Each stake triggers a specific payout in the slot machine.

Why the TOD (Time on The Device) Is The Top Concern For Casinos And Manufacturers Of Slot Machines

The amount of time spent by a gambler on the machine is directly proportional to the number of profits the casinos reap. Manufacturers and casino operators have factored this is in new slots.

Players will end up spending more time than usual at a slot. Gamblers need to be very careful about this as may lead to serious gambling addiction.

Why Slot Machines Game Have Opaque Odds

Are slot machines honest? Yes and no. If you know how to find the payout percentage on a slot machine, then you can easily determine the house edge of the casino. For slot games, it is hard to determine the odds of the house. Other casino games have some of the highest payout casino games compared to slots.

85% Casino Revenues is From Slots

Slot machines generated the biggest revenues for the casinos. Their popularity has risen over the years and this has contributed to the increase in the margins from the slots.

Latest Progressive Slots Jackpots Match Up to Lottery Jackpots

The grand prize of a progressive jackpot increases gradually as players keep spinning the reels. The progressive jackpots for slots include:

Latest Progressive Slots Jackpots Match Up to Lottery Jackpots

The grand prize of a progressive jackpot increases gradually as players keep spinning the reels. The progressive jackpots for slots include:

Standalone progressives– this is a specific jackpot for that particular slot machine.

Local progressive– It is linked with other slots in the casino and if the jackpot is won, the jackpot is automatically triggered back to the baseline.

Wide area progressive– multiple casinos interlink with multiple sites. The jackpot amount here is almost equal to the lottery amount but the chances of winning are much higher.  All the results are shown immediately to the players as opposed to lotteries.

Slots in Casinos Today Are Very Different From the Original Slots

New slots have phased out the ancient machines that were made up of the coin slots, a level, reel and hoppers. The newer versions have complex mechanical parts that are assembled by huge teams from all over the world.

They also have special software such as the RNG and touch screen features. Slots are now more sophisticated.

A Storm Has Risen from the Rising Popularity of Gambling Machines

Gambling was legalized by the government. It was an easy way through which the state could make money through taxation. Casino operators and gaming providers released numerous games into the market creating an avenue for the government to make billions of money from the industry.

41 States Have Legalized Gambling

As we have mentioned above, the US legalized gambling to create avenues for revenue collection. Before this, slot machines were illegal in most parts of the US. The industry has seen vast diversification since then. Machines are available almost everywhere for example, at the fuelling station and your local bar.

Slot Machines Are Less Popular In the US than In Japan

Despite the big numbers of slot machines in the US, it is nowhere close to Japan which has the highest number of slot machines. 5 million slots are available for gamblers in the country.

Locals Love the Slot Machines Compared To the Tourists

Local gambling numbers are very high in the US. Local players can access the list of casino games with best odds from home or form local land-based casinos. Las Vegas is one of the states where gambling is a ‘lifestyle’. Favorable gambling terms and lower house edges are some of the contributing factors herein.

Do Slot Machines Get Hot Or Cold?

This is one of the most popular misconceptions about slot machines. Players assume that slot machines with frequent payouts are hot and those that do not payout as often are cold. Gambling is a game of chance and luck and the new slot machines have RNGs that guarantee this.

The Highest Numbers Of Gamblers Anonymous Groups Use Slot Machines

A big percentage of gambling addicts who attend the meetings are slot lovers. The numbers have grown over the years and ‘disordered gambling’ is a pathological disorder that has come as a result. It needs to be addressed by psychologists as it can have detrimental effects on the addict.

Slot Machine Players Have Higher Chances of Addiction Compared To Other Gamblers

Chances of addiction amongst slot lovers are higher. These gamblers have higher chances of developing gambling addiction according to studies. Games can be easily accessed adding to this growing menace. Online things are worse, as you can play more slots at the same time, faster, at any time and anywhere. These are just some of the reasons why online gambling is more dangerous than casino gambling.

There Is No Difference between Online Slot Machines and Land-Based Machines

Both land-based and online casinos work in the same way.  They both have RNG software and the animation, sound and graphics are similar. However, results from the games are displayed differently for the two types of platforms.

Addiction to Gambling Is Attributed to the Nature of the Slot Machines

Some of the factors that result in addiction include the fact that you can play alone at the machine, you are in charge of how the game goes, and as a result, you exist in your world. This is referred to as numbness and could explain why many slot lovers are called ‘slots zombies’.

Slot Machine Strategies and Betting Systems Do Not Work

There are no strategies or tips that really work when playing slots.  Many sites online claim to have strategies that will boost your chances of walking away with jackpots. Do not waste your time. Do not pay for any systems or strategies, you will be disappointed.

How to Win at Slots by Picking the Best Slots to Play and Earn More

Choosing the best slot machine is not easy. There are several factors that a player needs to look into before placing real money into a casino. Gamblers should have an idea of what they plan to do to bag the winnings and how much they wish to spend. They should also take time to learn the ropes of the game beforehand using the free versions, YouTube videos or online reviews.

Best Paying Slot Machines

Different slots have different requirements that players can use to decide on which games to play. These are guidelines that will help the gambler determine the payout for the slot machine and the volatility of the slot machine. Machines that pay out often are more desirable.
Gamblers should consider the RTP ad the minimum and the maximum betting limits for each slot. The limits should accommodate the player’s bankroll. Payouts times and payout percentages are also vital. Shorter payout times and high payout percentages allow the gambler to access the win faster. You should also know who the gaming provider is. Choose to play with a software provider that has been in the industry for long and has a credible track record.

Choosing a Winning Slot Machine

A slot machine that guarantees you win should have the following features:

  • High RTP that favors the player.
  • Low volatility to reduce the risks involved in the game.
  • Friendly maximum and minimum betting limits for all players.
  • Big payouts for each game.
  • Licensed and regulated casino operators.

How to Tell If a Slot Machine Is Going to Hit: Slot Machine Secrets Exposed

Players would want to know how to tell when a slot machine is going to hit. The secret behind this is to check the screen as often as possible. Check the statistics, the RNG and use your skills as a player to be able to decide on when is the best time to play slots machines at a casino or when is the best time to go to a casino. You might be lucky enough and hit the jackpot as you soon as you start the game.
There is no best day to go to casino or best time of the day to play slot machines or the best time to go to casino to win due to the RNG. The previous game is not correlated to the current game. You can learn how to play convenience store slot machines and stand a chance at walking away with mega jackpots as you shop. There is no best time to go to the casino to play slots.

Seven Steps to Slot Machine Success

  1. Take advantage of the slot bonuses in casinos with the best payouts.
  2. Use promotional bonus codes.
  3. Read the wagering requirements carefully.
  4. Ignore progressive slots.
  5. Keep an eye on your bankroll.
  6. The casino lobby is not your friend. Stay focused.
  7. Gamble responsibly.

How to Measure Hot and Cold Jackpot Slots

Do slot machines pay better on certain days? How do I know if a jackpot slot is hot or cold? Players can use the following handy tips to find jackpot slots easily:
• Keeping tabs of previous wins on the best payout slot machines. The progressive slots tracker is your best friend here.
• How much time does it take for a machine to pay out? This gives you a rough estimate of on how long the machine takes before it hits. Knowing the frequency of hitting jackpots on slot machine in the casino is also key.
• What are the jackpot sizes on average? It should be worth your effort if you want to become one of the slot machine winners.

Do Preprogrammed Odds Affect Slot Results?

This is a myth that is meant to frustrate slot lovers. A random number generator is solely responsible for any wins or losses on a slot machine. This means that previous results do not affect the current results whatsoever.  You cannot use past events to try to predict the current results. It will not work.

How to Find Loose Slot Machines at a Casino

Finding a loose slot machine at a casino depends on three key factors:
• Playing to win
Loose slot machines have high payout percentages or a high RTP. The volatility should be low. Ensure that you know the slot machine payouts and the slot machine payout schedule for each game
• Choosing a machine type
Play with a flat top slot machine. The jackpot is usually fixed and could amount up to 1000x the initial stake you placed.
• Scouting a location
Online casinos have better payout percentages or RTP compared to land-based casinos. Play slots in real casinos. Ask for recommendations and opt for locations that have high traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions about Slot Machines

No. It is done.
The help button will direct you to the customer desk which has all the information you need concerning the slot to help you become a slot machine winner.
Absolutely not. Slot machine wins occur at any time.
Payouts in casinos are given as cash. Check the casino’s terms and conditions.


  • Increase you luck at the slots by wearing a lucky object the next time you are playing slots.
  • Do not forget to carry your slot cards to earn comp points at the casino.
  • Coins help you spin the reels faster compared to notes.


  • Myths about slot machines, slot machine strategy and what is a loose slot machine pop up daily. Ignore this.
  • Do not pay attention to advice from other ‘gambling experts’.
  • Illegal and unregulated gambling practices should be avoided at all costs.

Find a Slot Machine Game and Start Playing Today!

Slot machines and slot jackpots have become popular amongst gambling newbies and experts.  As such, many theories have been developed to try and explain how to tell when a slot machine will hit. These are myths that derail gamblers and should be avoided at all costs.

Gambling is a game of chance and luck. Our article explains all the details surrounding slot machine wins and how do you know when a slot machine will hit that gamblers should know beforehand. In order to truly improve your winnings, make sure you check out our amazing guide on how to get lucky at the casino.


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