Interac casino Canada sites are amongst the most popular for Canadian players to opt to play at. Playing at these sites is made easy because Interac is predominantly designed as a Canadian payment method.

What are Interac and its e-transfer service? Our guide will not only introduce you to the payment method but also provide you with a few online casino Canada sites where you can expect to use it.

As with all our guides and review pages, we have left no stone unturned when it comes to looking at exactly what this payment method and its casinos can offer you. With that in mind, let’s begin…

Everything you need to know about Interac

Interac was originally founded in 1996, and comprised eight financial institutions. Over the years, the company has grown to such an extent that it now covers many Canadian banks, provides customer support to its users, and is arguably the number one e-transfer payment method you can use to play online slots Canada, as well as other casino games.

There are two primary services which will interest Canadian casino players, and these are Interac Online and Interac e-Transfer. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Interac Online

This service allows you to pay for goods and services over the internet using funds taken from your bank account. By linking your Interac-approved bank with the payment method, you can deposit at online casinos without the need for handing out your bank details to the casino in question. This method is predominantly a P2P (person-to-person) transfer service.

Interac e-Transfer

By contrast, the Interac e-Transfer casino option in Canada is simpler. You can process a transfer as usual, but also send the recipient (in this case, the casino) a security question and the answer to it separately via text or e-mail.

The message contains the instructions to access the funds. The transfer will only go through once those security instructions have been implemented by the recipient.

There are many top sites, including no deposit casino Canada sites, which accept Interac. Below, you can find a list of Interac e-transfer casinos, as well as top Canadian casinos accepting Interac deposits online.

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Safety and security when using Interac

Playing at an Interac online casino in Canada is one of the safest things you can do. Because you do not have to hand out your bank details when using Interac at mobile casino Canada sites, it is one of the most trusted and best casino payment methods around like MoneyGram.

Interac casinos also come sporting a top array of games, including Microgaming casino Canada games, top promotions, bonuses and reliable support. Many tend to be licensed and certified out of leading jurisdictions and authorities, and all are amongst the most secure sites. On our page, you can find a list of safe online casinos to play at which offer you Interac options.

Should I use E-Transfer or Interac Online at Canadian Casinos?

Given that you can use a few different Interac options when you want to deposit at Canadian casinos, we should compare them for you. Let us pretend that you want to play online blackjack in Canada; do you go with Interac e-transfer casinos in Canada, or Interac online? Let’s find out!

Interac Online

Interac e-Transfer

E-Transfer Service
Interac e-Transfer
E-Check Service
Requires an approved bank account
Interac e-Transfer
Requires an approved bank account
No transfer verification required
Interac e-Transfer
Recipients must verify the transaction via the security question/answer they have received
Transactions processed instantly
Interac e-Transfer
Transactions take 4-6 days to process

How to deposit at Interac Canadian casinos

As you can see, deposits at an online casino in Canada with Interac Online is speedier than using the Interac e-Transfer service. However, the latter offers more security, so may be the preferred choice of the two options available to some. Either way, if you want to play free slots in Canada, or enjoy minimum deposit casino gameplay, Interac is a safe option to go with. 

How do you actually use Interac to complete financial transactions, though? Below, you find the steps you need to take to use Interac at Canadian online casinos.

You do not need to create an account with Interac to use the payment method. However, you will need to have a bank account at one of Interac’s approved financial institutions. A list of these can be found on Interac’s website, so choose one of those to get started.

If you have a bank account that is compatible with Interac, here are the steps you need to take to deposit at a casino using Interac or Interac e-Transfer.

Interac Online

Step 1
Head to the casino’s cashier section
Step 2
Select Interac as your banking option, and select your bank
Step 3
Enter your details into the following online banking page
Step 4
Choose the amount you want to deposit
Step 5
Initiate the transfer. Your deposited funds should land instantly in the account.

Interac e-Transfer

Step 1
Visit your casino’s banking page
Step 2
Select Interac e-Transfer, and your chosen bank or financial institution
Step 3
Enter the recipient’s details (the casinos) into the e-form. This data is usually provided for you on the e-form
Step 4
Process the transaction and wait for your deposit to land

Withdrawing via Interac at Canadian online casinos

When playing at Canadian casinos accepting Interac, it is possible to withdraw your winnings. A word of warning, though – not all Canadian casinos are instant withdrawal casino sites, and not all permit Interac cashouts. At many top casinos, it is very possible to process Interac withdrawal transactions, but you should be aware of limits and fees. Let us pretend that you have a big win playing online roulette Canada. Here is what happens next…

You should always try and verify your account (the KYC process) before withdrawing. After this, head to the withdrawal page, select Interac (or Interac e-Transfer) and enter your own bank details, in a manner similar to when you deposited. Each casino will have its own withdrawal limits (daily, weekly, monthly, etc, or some based on your loyalty status), and you need to be within those.

Most casinos will typically process Interac and Interac e-Transfer withdrawals in 2-3 banking days, but these times may vary depending on account verification, pending and reverse withdrawal periods and more.

Interac - Added fees and charges

👉 The best Canadian Interac online casinos will not charge you a fee for using either of the two main Interac services. However, some will do.

👉 Interac itself will charge fees. It is usually free to receive money with an Interac e-Transfer, too.

👉 Sending a transaction can cost between $1 and $1.50 on transfers of up to $100. The fee can rise when you deposit large sums.

👉 Interac Online also has fees, but these are typically smaller in cost than Interac e-transfer.

👉  While you should not expect casinos to add any surcharges on top for using Interac (either to deposit or withdraw), there is always the chance that some will do just that.

How does Interac stack up against other Canadian casino payment options?

Credit/debit cards: Using a credit or debit card to deposit is commonplace and easy. However, you may incur fees for doing so, transaction times are often slow for withdrawals, and you may even be subject to fees.

E-Wallets: Ideal for low-stakes deposits, such as gameplay at a $5 minimum deposit casino Canada site, e-wallets are hugely popular. They are usually free from fees and very secure options to go with. Only a handful of them caters to Canadians, though.

Cryptocurrencies: If you know what you are doing with digital currencies, then using cryptocurrencies to deposit and withdraw is ideal, as they are super-fast and very secure. However, this overly complicated option, or the best Bitcoin casinos, certainly aren’t for everyone.

Prepaid vouchers: You can also use prepaid vouchers to deposit at Canadian casinos. These are the safest payment methods around. Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw with them.

Cheques/Wire transfers: Cheques and wire transfers are going the way of the dinosaur lately. These out-dated methods take days to land in your account (even for deposits) and often come with hefty fees attached.

The good and the bad of using Interac at Canadian online casinos

There are pros and cons to using Interac to deposit at Canadian online casinos. Here are just a few of them…

  • Large deposit caps make Interac ideal for gameplay at a high stakes casino
  • Perfectly designed for players in Canada
  • A totally secure banking option to choose

FAQs: Your questions about Canadian Interac casinos answered

If you still have questions and queries about Interac, we will try and answer them below:

Yes. But you will still need to have an account at one of Interac’s approved banks and financial institutions and may be charged additional fees for international transactions.
Canadian banks try not to get involved too much in what their customers do. They permit Interac transactions, and that is good enough or most players.
No. In theory, you can live anywhere in the world and still use Interac. However, as mentioned, you need to have an account at an accepted bank or financial institution to use the payment method.
You can make mobile payments using Interac. You can use Interac: Debit on your mobile, and use Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay to process the transfers.
Most will do. There are a few offshore casinos which don’t, but all reputable Canadian casinos offering Interac will also accept Canadian dollars.

Play at top Interac casinos in Canada today

Now that you know what Interac casinos in Canada can offer you, perhaps it is time to join one? On this gambling page, you will find a list of Interac casinos in Canada, complete with their exclusive bonuses for you to check out.

Browse our list of top Canadian Interac casinos today to find the best online casino bonus offers and top games online.


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