Roulette or the game of the little wheel supposedly flourished from the antiquated Italian game known as birbi.

The game which most probably attained its current form towards the very end of the 18th century in Paris, is currently amongst the main courses casinos around the world serve their voracious diners on a daily basis.

Over the years the game has evolved in a significant manner, and like every other matter in a technologically advanced society, we now have something called electronic roulette.

But seriously, what is it that makes the game so desirable, and what actually is the electronic roulette? – Well, you’re only a spin away from finding out, just remember –

Life is simple and so is roulette – a little bit of mathematics, a little bit of luck, a little bit of disappointment, and some faith in the haggard heart.

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What Is the Electronic Roulette?

There aren’t way too many complications involved. The specialty of an electronic roulette machine is just that, instead of a present croupier it can operate on its own. The roulette wheel is guarded with a glass dome, and it functions with the help of either a single phase or a 3-phase asynchronous engine.

There’s even a frequency regulator that administers the speed of the airball as well as the gap between each play. The movement rather the speed of the ball in an electronic roulette can vary from 12 pockets per second to 17 pockets per second. You would be surprised that nowadays there’s even a scoreboard to tell you which numbers are more likely to win and which numbers are not.

Diamond Roulette and the Organic Roulette

  • Diamond Roulette: Diamond bet roulette is one of the most popular and contemporary versions of the game. It consists of 38 pockets that include one 0, one diamond, and the remaining 36 digits. The simplistic appearance of the diamond bet roulette interface makes it easier for a player to react to it. Not only does it make the transition from grid numbers to wheel numbers seamless, but simultaneously it also enables one to place the standard inside and outside bets without much of an effort. It takes the help of air pressure to fling the ball and commands some sort of optical as well as proximity sensors to maintain tracks. The objective of the game is to gain a successful and impressive multiplier by getting the ball to fall inside the keen diamond pocket.


  • Organic Roulette: It’s a completely automated version of the classic roulette game, and is available with both – a single-zero as well as a double-zero wheel. The single-zero systems come with 37 fields while the double-zero comes with 38 fields. The generator is protected and guarded by a glass dome which is meant to deny unusual and unauthorized access. It can produce 60 to 80 different results per hour. Under the electronic roulette automated wheel, all components are governed by computer controls that maintain consistency. It is worth mentioning that the G4 organic roulette can accommodate eight players, however, with rapid advancement we have come across systems that can allow ten, twelve, and even sixteen players to actively participate at the same time.

All systems come equipped with an operating camera.

Interblock Roulette > Single and Double Zero

Founded in the year 1989 Interblock is globally recognized for providing high-quality, multi-player systems designed specially to accommodate nothing but an extravaganza in the style and shape of entertainment. And over the years Interblock has orchestrated online casinos in an unprecedented manner. It has liberated itself to be trustworthy of all its customers.

  • Single-zero Interblock Roulette: A single-zero Interlock roulette random machine has 37 fields. Its interior remains protected with a glass dome, and under the wheel, all the components are governed by computer controls. The rim bar cylinder is made of carbon fiber and has shown impactful durability. It comes equipped with a camera to maintain fairness as well as integrity.
  • Double-zero Interblock Roulette: Double-zero Interlock electronic roulette wheel comes with 38 fields. Same as single-zero roulettes they too are equally and rightfully protected with glass domes. Computer controls are used to maintain compatibility amongst all the major components. Comes with an equipped camera.

House Edge and Electronic Roulette Odds

House edge, also called the expected value, is the mathematically calculated amount of money a player is taxed according to the bet he/she makes.

The electronic roulette payment and roulette money management 

For American roulette, the house edge imposed upon a bet estimate to 5.26%, but if you want how to play American Roulette, check our updated guide.

For European roulette, the house edge imposed upon any bet estimates to 2.70%.

And for any three-zero roulette, the house edge imposed upon any bet estimates to 7.69%. The highest house edge ever in roulette.


Odds against winning (French)

Odds against winning (American)

Odds against winning (French)
36 to 1
Odds against winning (American)
37 to 1
Odds against winning (French)
Not possible
Odds against winning (American)
37 to 1
Straight up
Odds against winning (French)
36 to 1
Odds against winning (American)
37 to 1
Odds against winning (French)
17 ½ to 1
Odds against winning (American)
18 to 1
Odds against winning (French)
11 ½ to 1
Odds against winning (American)
11 1/3 to 1
Odds against winning (French)
8 ¼ to 1
Odds against winning (American)
8 ½ to 1
Basket (US)
Odds against winning (American)
6 3/5 to 1
Basket (European)
Odds against winning (French)
8 ¼ to 1
Odds against winning (American)

And so on…

Side Bets

Electronic roulette side bet,

Inside Bets –

  • Straight or Single: The bet that is placed on a single number. The chip would need to be placed within the square for the selected and optimistic number.
  • Split: Bet on any two such numbers that are vertically or horizontally contiguous with each other, for example, 20-23, 2-3. In this bet, the chip is needed to be placed on the edge that is shared by the respective numbers.
  • Street: Bets that are placed on three consecutive numbers that seem to fall in a horizontal line, for example, 31, 32, 33. While placing this bet one must position the chip on the outer edge of the chosen number.
  • Corner/Square: Bets on any such numbers that seem to touch one another by their corners, for example, 29,30,31,32,33. They must be placed on the corner that is being mutually shared.

For more related information, we highly recommend you to study Six Line bets, First Four bets, and Trio bets.

Outside Bets –

Offer small roulette payouts but hold high odds at victory.

  • 1 to 18 (Low) and 19 to 36 (High): A bet that relies upon the number to fall in the selected range.
  • Red or Black: A bet that hopes the number would be of the selected color.
  • Even or Odd: A bet that hopes the number would be as preferred.
  • Dozen: A bet that predicts the number would be amongst the favored dozen, for example, 1-12, 12-24, and so on.

For more electronic roulette betting strategy, we advise you to also check out Column Bet, Snake Bet, fisher roulette strategy, penny roulette, fibonacci roulette, and pinball roulette.

Pros and Cons of Playing Electronic Roulette

  • With the arrival of electronic roulette, you don’t anymore have to find yourself under the hawk-like radar of a croupier.
  • You are much more likely to be comfortable with the environment.
  • Electronic roulettes that accommodate multiple players help you save your precious time.
  • Since the arrival of electronic roulettes, it has been much easier for casinos to operate on a busy night.
  • Some people tend to complain about electronic roulettes being rigged.
  • Over the years there has been a group of people who have accused casinos of using some sort of electromagnets and pulling various scams of betrayal.
  • The electronic components require frequent checks as they are very much likely to be compromised.
  • They can be hacked.

Tips and Tricks

Even though outside bets offer fewer payouts compared to inside bets, the chances of winning at outside bets are comparatively much higher. If you are a beginner who is just starting out and want our guidance at roulette for beginners, we advise you to start by playing outside bets. Since it involves more wins, you are very much more likely to get motivated in your roulette journey by starting out with outside bets. Study about the electronic roulette strategy.

Odd and Even bets are likely to yield good chances at winning, followed by Red and Black.

You should definitely try out Six Line and Column bets since they engage less house edge, and hence more chances at winning.

For more roulette tips and electronic roulette tricks, do look out for 1 to 18 and 19 to 36.

Frequently Asked Questions on Electronic Roulette

Better rely upon your understanding of the theory of probability. Do your maths and research. Start out by playing bets that involve higher odds at winning. Read about roulette rules, roulette terms, roulette guide, roulette attack strategy, low stakes roulette guide, and high stakes roulette.
Quite simple. You are required to use this electronic touch-screen while placing your bets. Some of these machines use automatic protection which denies any sorts of unnatural bets. Follow the directives on the screens and you would be able to even customize your bets according to your own needs. Also, read about how to play roulette.
Not really, the electronic roulette table does not allow you to play for free. You have to pay for every wager that you place. There are certain casinos rather than online gambling sites which offer you roulette online, electronic roulette live, and a free trial. Before you go and try out any such platform, we strongly advise you to be very careful, as there are many chances of being scammed and cheated.
We have heard many people complain about it. There are various theories revolving around. Some claim casinos use electromagnets and manipulate game results.
Yes, you can. But you cannot bet on every number at one go.
Based on observations, the numbers 7 and 17 hit the most in electronic roulette. They seem to be the best numbers to play in roulette.
The smartest bets in electronic roulette are the bets that give you at least 50% chances at winning, which is to say, black or red, odd or even, and high or low.


So, there you go, all you possibly need to know about electronic roulette. Just remember that a game is simple and fun as long as it is considered a game. There has got to be something at stake for you to live life as you mean it, whether you throw the dice or spin the wheel. Just like J. Cole once rapped, “if you’re scared of taking chances how the hell are you gon’ get rich?”