Online gambling can be a fun pastime for both recreational punters and those who take casino games seriously.

Superstition is part of the game and when it comes to gamblers, good luck charms for winning are in high demand.

In this 2023 guide, we review how to get lucky at the casino theories and look at the most popular casino lucky rituals and good luck charms.

While discussing gambling superstitions we also take a more serious approach and highlight the best online casinos and top-paying casino games.

Top 10 online casinos where you can get lucky [2023] - Updated



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What is the best time to gamble?

When trying to figure out what we need to get lucky at the casino some people try to find the best time to gamble. Lucky days and hours are sought after by superstitious gamblers and there are a few that stand out from the crowd.

Some punters believe that if you play around midnight you will be more likely to attract luck and improve your chances of winning. Others believe in lucky days to gamble and most of them will play more on their birthdays. There are even people who prefer to bet on February 29.

We believe that if you want to know how to be lucky and the casino, a slightly different approach is needed. Weekends are the days when is the best time to play slot machines and the casino. This is when most of the bonuses are awarded and some of the best promotions are available.

Poker is one of the best online casino games to win money and late evenings are the time to be active. This is when most of the recreational punters come online, so you will encounter weaker competition.

Tips and Tricks on winning at slots

To master the art of how to get lucky in the casino you should consider these commonsense tips and tricks. They work for any games but they are particularly useful for slot fans playing the most popular casino slot machines. They can improve the odds to win at slots while playing at top online casinos.

Which slot machines are the most profitable?

There is no way how to tell if a slot machine is ready to pay. There are, however, ways of identifying the most profitable slots and these are the two main distinctions. Whether you play individual gaming sessions or try to figure out how to win a slot tournament, this advice will come in handy.

RTP stands for return to player and it clearly indicates the odds of winning in the long run. The higher the percentage, the better the odds of winning so this is what to look for in the best slots to play.

Ugga Bugga from Playtech, Mega Joker, Jackpot 6000 and Blood Suckers from NetEnt and White Rabbit Megaways from Big Time Gaming are the slots with the highest RTP. The casino will always win in the long run, but you can reduce the house edge and improve the odds of beating slot machines in this way.

The other way of classifying the most profitable slots is the maximum payout. Progressive jackpot slots are the lucky casino games that can be delivered the biggest winnings. You would have to bet the maximum amount to be eligible for the main jackpot, so incorporate that into your slot machines strategy.

When spinning the reels of progressive jackpots, the slot machine odds might not be the best out there. You need to stay afloat long enough to give yourself a chance of hitting the elusive jackpot.

Casino lucky rituals – Do they work?

Trying to figure out how to get lucky at the casino can be a complicated affair. Pragmatic people try to find the best casino welcome bonus and find the offers with online casino low playthrough demands.

Others rely on casino lucky rituals such as blowing on dice, crossing your fingers and knocking on wood. The former is obviously popular in dice games, while crossing fingers is supposed to bring gambling luck for any games.

People knock on wood to keep bad luck at bay and some even hope it will be a solution on how to recover lost money in casino. These rituals don’t actually work, but as long as people feel better performing them, there is nothing wrong in relying on them.

Do lucky charms hold any power?

Superstition good luck charms are also immensely popular among gamblers. Number seven is considered by many to be a lucky number and many people choose to bet on number 7 on roulette.

Others take a more concrete path towards using gambling charms and wear trinkets and amulets of them. The four-leaf clover is one of the good luck charms to win money all over the world. Others regard the horseshoe or the rabbit foot as the luckiest charm, so expect to see many such images in casinos.

These can be nice to wear and visually satisfying but casino good luck charms only serve decorative goals and have no real power. If you want to improve your chances, it’s always better to rely on math and the right gambling strategy.

How can lucky garments influence the odds of winning?

When it comes to figuring out how to get lucky at the casino, some punters go a step further. In their quest of how to beat casino slots, they try to find out which are the best things to wear.

When it comes to lucky clothing, the color red is frequently associated with good fortune. This can differ from one culture to the other, but red is the kind of color you see often in land-based casinos.

If you play over the Internet, high roller casino offers and other promos are more likely to deliver positive results. If you want to know what you need to do to be lacking in the casino learn how to make money from online casino bonuses.

The most common superstitions

Gamblers are generally superstitious people and their get lucky casino patterns can be quite surprising. One of the most common superstitions is entering through the back door when this is an option at the local casino.

Others believe that you should never touch another gamblers’ shoulder, regardless of how lucky or unlucky that player might be. Don’t spin in your chair at the betting table is another superstition. This one makes a lot of sense since there is a very real danger of falling down and suffer an injury.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to get lucky at the casino

Horseshoes, the rabbit foot, and four-leaf clovers are among the most popular lucky charms.
Birthdays are regarded by most gamblers as lucky days, but others prefer exotic days such as February 29.
We recommend eating, and get enough rest and solve any pressing matters before playing casino games.
Luck is volatile and changes on its own but you can use math and strategy to boost the odds of winning.
If you play at licensed casinos you can trust the slot machines to be fair and avoid rigged games.

Attract good fortune each time to play at the casino

Players will try to find a way to get lucky casino sessions. Superstition is part of the game and people believe in lucky numbers, symbols, and charms that can improve the odds of winning. Some go a step further and wear lucky garments in their quest to attract good fortune.

There’s nothing wrong with using them whenever you play if you think they can help you beat the odds. However, if you want to learn how to get lucky at the casino, play at licensed operators, and rely on math and science rather than luck