Blackjack is the most popular card game and one that carries the lowest house edge of all casino games.

This makes it attractive to both recreational punters and veterans who want to maximize their profits.

Tricky hand such as soft 14 blackjack pose unique challenges that punters must overcome to enjoy the best results.

In this 2023 guide, we review the most effective ways of playing soft fourteen in blackjack.

We explain the concept and teach you when to hit or stand on 14, based on the dealer’s up card.

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What is soft 14 in blackjack?

The first thing that players must understand is what does soft mean in blackjack and then what is a soft 14 in blackjack? The good news is that the concept applies to all soft hands, so you can use this newfound knowledge to improve your game. Any hand is made of two cards and if one of them is an ace, then you’ve got a soft hand.

This makes it easy to determine in blackjack, which of these hands is a “soft 14” when looking at card combinations. You will need an Ace and a 3 to have a soft 14, a hand that protects you from going bust regardless of the next card you draw. Since the Ace count as both 1 and 11, you enjoy a great degree of flexibility.

Once you figure out in blackjack what hand is a soft 14, you know the entire spectrum of soft hands. These range from 13 to 19, but the most difficult ones to play are 14, 15, and 16. These are not the best hands in blackjack, in fact, they are the hardest to play even with an advanced blackjack strategy.

Play soft 14 in blackjack like a pro

Knowing what a soft 14 in blackjack stands for is just the first and most important step. The next thing to figure out is how to deal with the blackjack 14 hit or stand conundrum. On the bright side, the best soft 14 rule applies to regular real money blackjack games.

The entire tactic is based on broad blackjack bankroll management rules, but also the dealer’s up card. These are the basic steps to take when being dealt a blackjack dealer soft 14. You should always hit on this hand but if it turns into a hard one, these are the things you should keep in mind:

Step 1
Place your wager and stake on the special bets
Step 2
Once you are dealt A-3 hit and hope for a 7, 6, 5, 4 or at least 3
Step 3
If you get a higher card or a 2 check out the dealer’s up-card
Step 4
If the dealer has two, three, four, five, or six stand
Step 5
If the dealer has seven, eight, nine, ten or ace, hit
Step 6
If you are dealt another Ace or 2 you get soft 15, respectively so 16
Step 7
Follow the rules above with soft 15 and some 16

Odds and house edge in soft 14 blackjack

Just because blackjack online carries a low house edge, doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to win. Once you learn how to play blackjack, you need to use optimal strategy just to give yourself a fighting chance.

Instead of wondering is online blackjack rigged after a losing session, trying to better yourself and stick to the plan. Incorporate blackjack soft hand systems and use an advanced blackjack strategy play like a pro. Accept the fact that even if you play well, soft 14 in blackjack makes you an underdog.

The odds of winning with soft 14 hand in blackjack are stacked against you and revolve around 40%. This is in spite of the fact that you can draw another card at European blackjack and live blackjack tables. You would need to do draw a 5, 6 or 7 to significantly improve the chances of winning.

Soft 14 blackjack cards are more likely to turn into hard 14 hands, which further decrease the odds of winning. The silver lining is that when you hit on soft 14 and turn it into a hard hand, you have another chance. Learn more from our soft vs hard blackjack guide.

When to hit and stand on soft 14 in blackjack

Knowing in blackjack which hand is a soft 14 is important but not enough to win at blackjack without counting cards. Any blackjack strategy soft 14 will require you to hit on this hand regardless of what the dealer has. This applies to blackjack single deck casino, or other modern game varieties that can be found at blackjack with PayPal casinos.

The reason you should always hit on this blackjack soft hand is that it can only improve. If you get a six or seven you are very likely to beat the dealer or at least push. When dealt a lower card, you can either hit again or stand, based on what the dealer is showing.

Should you double down on soft 14 in blackjack?


Grasping the soft 14 meaning in blackjack is important to distinguish between hard hands and what is considered a soft 14 in blackjack. Any blackjack cheat sheet will teach you to hit regardless of what the dealer holds and then base your next decision on his up card. It is far more difficult to determine when to double down on soft 14 in blackjack, but we’ve got a few useful blackjack tips to deal with this situation.

The idea of doubling down on any hand not only the soft 14 blackjack hand is to maximize winnings. If you use a basic blackjack martingale strategy, you are probably better off avoiding this mechanic.

More ambitious ones such as the blackjack strategy 1-3-2-6 can open the avenue to bigger winnings. The rules say that you should double down on soft 14 dealer showing a five or six. These are the worst hands in blackjack, as there is a high probability for his hands to turn into a hard 15 or 16.

He will be compelled to draw another card and at this point, there is a high likelihood for him to go bust. Essentially, even though you don’t have a very strong hand, you are still favorite to win with blackjack soft 14.

Pros and cons of playing soft 14 in blackjack

  • Once you understand the soft 14 meaning, you master all soft hands
  • Easy to play by beginners and casual punters
  • Can’t go bust regardless of the next card you draw
  • Same rules apply to cash game tables and tournaments
  • You are still an underdog against the dealer’s 7, 8, 9, 10 or Ace

Frequently Asked Questions about soft 14 in Blackjack:

The best casinos to play the soft 14 blackjack hand are those compelling the dealer to stand at soft 17.
Once you have the soft 14 explained you can use this knowledge at US online casinos offering blackjack.
The soft 14 meaning states that a soft hand is made of A-3, while a hard 14 doesn’t involve an Ace.
Soft 14 hand in blackjack is a mediocre hand that rarely improves enough to give favorite status.
You should always hit blackjack soft 14, as your hand can only improve and you can’t go bust.

Master the art of playing soft 14 in blackjack

Soft hands are not that difficult to play, especially low ones, such as 13 and soft 14 in blackjack. You can only improve such a hand and there is no risk to go bust, so you should always hit regardless of what the dealer has.

Once the soft 14 blackjack turns into a hard hand, you need to make the next decision based on what the dealer’s up-card. This is where proper blackjack strategy comes in to improve the odds of winning while reducing the house edge.

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