Blackjack switch, a common variation of the infamous blackjack casino games, is offered in many online and offline casinos all over the world.

Before playing this game, it is important that all players know and understand the distinct differences between the games and other variations of their kind.

There are rules, tips and strategies that apply and if a player has this information prior, they are most likely to beast the casino in most if not all the table games.

Blackjack switch casinos online settings allow players to play blackjack switch online at their convenience.

Best Online Casinos Where You Can Try the Blackjack Switch Strategy [2023]



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What Is Blackjack Switch?

Blackjack switch is an easy alternative to the classic blackjack game. It allows you to bend the rules slightly in the favor of the gambler. Players are allowed to switch between two cards which would be considered as ‘illegal’ in other circumstances. You are allowed to switch cards between hands.

The idea was first invented by a blackjack fan- Geoff Hall- who considered the odds of him winning were higher if he was only allowed to switch between his two hands.

In this text, we discuss more details about blackjack switch strategy, blackjack switch tips and how do you play blackjack switch at your favorite casino.

Does It Pay To Play Blackjack Switch?

While most of the blackjack variants payout at a rate of 3:2, the blackjack payout rules for blackjack switch are slightly different. The payout rate for this version stands at 1:1 and this is constant for most casinos that offer the table game.

If you consider which game is better switch blackjack or blackjack classic, the latter is more rewarding but the former is a fun option for people who gamble for entertainment. Consider the two options before settling for which blackjack variants to play firsts.

How To Play Blackjack Switch: Tips And Tricks That Work

Before playing any blackjack switch game, it is important to know the blackjack switch basic strategy first. To stay safe ensure that you ensure the stakes are sizeable even as you deploy some tricks during the game.

Switching hands is the epitome of this game but it is important to also check that you don’t just switch simply because the game allows you to.

In an instance when you already have two hands that are strong against the dealer, do not switch cards. But, if you check and you see the cards are weak, you can opt to switch as this gives you an advantage against the dealer.

You will also need to peek at what the dealer has before you switch your cards. Say, for example, a dealer has a 7 or 8 value cards, as a gambler you should make efforts to ensure that the cards on your hand are even between the two hands.

Any other cards on the dealers’ sides should be a signal for you to make the best deal out of what you have in your hands.

Rules That All Blackjack Switch Players Should Know

Blackjack switch rules are simple and easy to apply on the tables. We shall look at them briefly to help you better grasp how to play blackjack switch at any casino of your choice. These rules include:

  1. Gamblers must place stakes on all hands. Unlike other variations of the game, a gambler is required to place stakes on both hands during the game. If a player has placed a stake of 200 dollars on hand, he will be automatically required to place 200 dollars bet on the other hand.
  2. Gamblers will have the freedom of re-splitting up to four times switch blackjack allows the layers to re-split up to a total of four hands during the game. Other similar versions do not allow splitting at all while others allow utmost 2 splits at the tables. However, the stake amount on all the hands needs to be the same.
  3. Place your doubles after the switch. Players can easily switch the top cards and afterward double up their initial stakes they had placed at the start of the game. You can proceed to double on either of the two hands.
  4. After witching, a blackjack card equals to 21. After switching the topmost cards, there are chances that a player will pick up a blackjack. In such an instance, the blackjack card will be counted as 21. The card, in this case, is no longer termed as a natural blackjack.
  5. Get ready for even money wins when you grab a blackjack. Learn more about how does even money work in blackjack in our even money blackjack guide. As you play switch, the blackjack payout for any game won stands at a ratio of 1:1. 1 to 1 blackjack payout rules apply as the player has a better chance of winning the game. However, other variations of blackjack switch online have different blackjack winning payout terms.

Blackjack Switch Strategy For Consistent Wins

To win at any blackjack switch game, you will need to have the know-how of the correct strategy that has been tried and tested over the years.

Using the strategy will not only help you win but will make your experience more rewarding as you get to enjoy the game more without worrying about losing all of your bankroll at the casino. Although, we still recommend checking our blackjack bankroll management guide before playing.

You can lower the blackjack switch house edge significantly if you can easily make the right decisions about when and when not to switch the top cards in your stack. Switching relies on the hands that you have.

Considering the stronger hand against what the card that dealer has i.e. the card that is facing upwards.

This card will help you to measure the weight that the dealer has against you. In the meantime, do a quick analysis of the strength of the hands that you were initially dealt with.

Switch Blackjack Payout That All Players Should Know

As we have mentioned before blackjack switch payouts are standard across the board. At times, there may be slight variations but this is not common. The payout stands at a ratio of 1 to 1.

If you are playing blackjack for real money, then it is vital that you have this in mind when you are placing stakes. Other factors to take note of include the Blackjack payout on insurance that stands at 2:1. You get the same payout if you take an even money blackjack offer.

Additional payouts such as blackjack payout for 21 are the same as those for blackjack switch i.e. 1 to 1. If you love playing blackjack variants, the payouts are important. There are free money versions that are offered by the casinos as well.

In such instances, a player will not need to deposit any money into their bankroll to be able to access the variants. Beginners can use these free versions as challenges through which they can master the tips, rules and tricks of the game and afterward, proceed to try the real money versions in their choice casinos.

Best Strategy For Winning At Any Blackjack Switch Game

Blackjack betting strategy is designed to help the player win at any blackjack game with much ease and with minimal losses. There are simple betting strategies as well as advanced blackjack strategy. A good example of the advanced betting strategy is the blackjack betting strategy 1-3-2-6.

Another simple strategy for switch blackjack for beginners is the Cindy Liu Simple switching strategy that lists out how players should switch between the cards depending on the dealers’ card that is facing upwards.

It guides the players on which decision to take next and what to do in various instances. For example, if the dealer has any other card that is not 7 or 8, he or she should increase the strength of the hand that is higher so as to maximize the winning odds herein.

The advanced blackjack strategy is a little more complex. Other strategies include the Arnold Snyder switch strategy as well as a calculator that guides players on when to switch regardless of whatever situation they are in.

Blackjack Switch House Edge

High limit blackjack players will definitely prefer to play the blackjack switch online.  The house edge in a casino is dependent on the number of decks in blackjack games. The house edge stands at 0.17 %. Players can expect to receive payouts at 99.3% in such cases.

If you are playing blackjack for real money, you can expect to receive payments through Paysafe card blackjack and Paypal blackjack. The two are some of the popular payment options that are available for blackjack players in online casinos.

Blackjack switch is an incredible option as it has higher payout percentages compared to other casino games.

The withdrawal times and limits will vary from one platform to another but this should no worry any player. A low house edge means that the player has higher chances of winning.

Blackjack is quite popular due to this factor, and if you are a fan or a newbie at the blackjack tables, you stand a chance at walking away with millions from the casino if you apply the right blackjack tips or strategies such as blackjack card counting to help you improve your odds of beating the casino.

At What Point Does The Dealer Bust In A Blackjack Switch Game?

As the game proceeds, it is important the dealer takes keen note on how to deal blackjack switch cards at the table otherwise the players will have higher chances of winning the tournament.

What we mean is that there are rules that govern every blackjack game. After dealing the cards, a dealer will in turn deal himself with one card facing up.

This card will be used by witty players to help them decide on whether to switch cards or remain put.  The casino dealer will also request the players, if interested, to switch the cards.

Do not be to quick to switch cards but be sure to make informed decisions as per our guide on the best hands in blackjack. At this point, players will be required to either, stand, hit double, surrender or take insurance.

If the value of the cards is anything above the total sum of 21, the dealer’s hand is considered busted. Learn what is surrender, blackjack hit or double before the game so as to make the right decisions as the game progresses.

These options allow you to not only lower your chances of losing all the money to the casino but add to the fun of the game.

What Are The Differences Between Blackjack Switch And Regular Blackjack?

There are notable differences between classic blackjack and the blackjack switch online variants. However, they are very similar but some distinguishing factors separate the two.

For example, 6 and 8 numbers of decks in blackjack switch are used during the games. Another key difference is the factor that the dealer hits soft on 17 but there are some casinos that do not allow this.

The cards in the game are dealt facing upwards in blackjack switch online and land-based options. The house edge is also slightly different between the two.

If the dealer has a total sum of 22 at hand, he will not bust but will be tied up with the player’s hands and is only exempted when he has a natural blackjack card.

The payout rates are also different for the two options. Regular blackjack payouts stand at 3:2 while switch blackjack odds online payouts stand at 1 to 1.

Blackjack Switch Counting Of Cards? Is It Possible?

Experts have developed a blackjack cheat sheet that helps players learn how to play blackjack. However, there are techniques that players can employ to help them win at blackjack without much effort.

That said, it is possible to win at blackjack without counting cards. You can deploy other strategies that we have discussed in this guide.

Card counting works but it requires experience and mastery of the skill before you can use it at the tables. If you are a beginner, we advise that first try simple blackjack betting strategies before you use advanced strategies.

This will help you know the basics of blackjack switch and how to play the game and once you master the art, you can proceed to use card counting and other advanced blackjack switch strategies to your advantage.

How to Define a Gambler’s Hand Using the WPLC Switch System

A player needs to check the dealers’ card that is facing upwards and do a quick comparison with what they have against what you have at hand. Here is a breakdown of the four hands that you may have on hand :

  • Winner

If the gambler has a blackjack or has a total sum of 18 up to 20 regardless of whether it is soft or it is hard which is over above what the dealer has is termed as a winner. Another scenario is when the player has a total summation of values between 8 to 11 that is higher than what the dealer has. In such an instance, the gambler is still termed as a winner.

  • Loser

If a player has hard hands (such as hard 14 in blackjack) or soft hands (for instance: soft 14 blackjack) that are overthrown by the dealers’ card facing upwards is considered as a loser. These cards are in the range of 7- value cards to aces.

  • Push

If a dealer has a strong card facing upward after the cards are dealt first whilst the player has a total sum of 18 up to 20 is termed as a push in blackjack. This may also be the case if the player has cards between 8 to 11.

  • Chance

Chance hands simply imply that the dealer has cards facing up with a total sum of 2 to 7 while the player has the total sum of 3 to 7 and in other cases 12to 17. This is not dependent on the soft or hard hands of the players.

Classic Blackjack Vs. Blackjack Switch? Which Has The Higher Odds Of Winning?

Blackjack switch has a house edge standing at 0.17%. This is arguably one of the lowest house edges in blackjack variants and as such, it makes it very popular.

The house edge of the classic variant is slightly higher and thus is not a favorite as this means increased risks of losing your money to the casino especially if you are playing the real money versions of the game.

The rules are a bit more player-friendly as players can switch cards between hands easily. There are other rules that make the casino game one of the best there is amongst table games.

FAQ about Blackjack Switch

Before playing this game, it is important that all players know and understand the distinct differences between the games and other variations of their kind.
So, first, you need to announce to the dealer that you want to switch, and after that, the dealer will switch the two cards from the top.
The best casinos where you can play Blackjack Switch are the casinos available in our top from this article, be sure that the JudgeCasino team selected already the top casinos for you.
Not all of then, back in the days, in 2019 more exactly, ware 21 table in Las Vegas. By now are around 11 tables with the idea that no casinos have more than one table with Blackjack Switch available.

Play Blackjack Switch Online Today At Your Favorite Casino!

Blackjack Switch has quickly risen to become one of the most played blackjack variants in the world. There are many reasons why players love this variant including the fact that it has a very low house edge is an advantage to gamblers as it means higher payout percentages for the gamblers.

Besides this, there are also user-friendly rules that make it more flexible for both newbies and experts at the blackjack tables.

We delve into the details of this game to help the player understand the game in depth before placing money into the game. If you love table games and would love to try out a new option, we highly recommend blackjack switch.

Choose a casino that is licensed and has been recognized by credible gambling authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission and start playing switch blackjack for a chance to win millions today