Did you know that Croatia is one of the smallest countries in Europe? Its population is less than 4.5 million, and the country covers only 56.594 square kilometers. Tourism is the main source of income of Croatia, and if there is tourism, there is gambling too: This small country is home to lots of brick-and-mortar casinos, mostly located in Zagreb. And due to this reason, gambling is completely legal in Croatia, since 1991. While there is a problem with the number of interested operators, online gambling in this country is quite liberal and there are hundreds of online casinos that are ready to accept Croatian players. Well, you can search them one by one or simply read this online casino Croatia guide:

Below, we are telling you everything you need to know about gambling in this country and giving you a list of best online casino Croatia sites. Enjoy!

The History Of Legal Online Casinos Croatia

Up until 1991, Croatia was part of the Soviet Union and all forms of gambling were strictly forbidden. In 1991, the country declared its independence and one of the first things they did was legalizing sports betting, which is quite popular in Croatia. Lots of local betting operators entered the market and brick-and-mortar casinos started to appear. These were called “automat klubs” for some reason, but mostly due to the fact that they contained lots of slot machines and electronic gambling terminals.

Online casino real money Croatia websites were not legal until 2010. Croatia legalized online gambling in this year but waited until 2014 to start issuing licenses, because the law was subject to the review of the European Council. Luckily, it passed the review, and for the last 5 years, the country started to gain tax revenue from legalized gambling. At the moment, all forms of gambling are legal in the country and you can play online slots Croatia legally, for example. However, there is a problem with regards to operators: At the moment, no global operator is interested in opening a local online casino Croatia site. In fact, there is only one local casino site in the country and it is controlled by the government itself.

Online Gambling Law Croatia: Legality Of Internet Casinos

So let’s answer the obvious question first: Is online casino legal in Croatia? The answer is yes, but unfortunately, there are not many internet casinos Croatia available. The law mentioned above legalized online gambling too, but at the moment, a state-owned company called “Hrvatska Lutrija” is the only online casino operator in the country. And to be honest, it does not offer a quality service. As of 2019, there are no foreign online casino operators working in Croatia, and we are not sure that this situation will change in the near future. The gambling legislation focuses entirely on land-based gambling and sports betting, for some reason. There is no solid legal structure for online casino Croatia sites, and even the license costs are not clear. However, at least the government is quite liberal when it comes to offshore casino sites, as none of them are censored. In addition, local banks can freely accept financial transactions to and from foreign online casinos, so there is no need to stick with the “official” online casino Croatia: There are dozens of casino sites that accept Croatian players and we already picked the best ones for you. To learn more, keep reading.

The Regulation Of Online Gambling Croatia

The Ministry Of Finance handles the licenses for online casino Croatia websites, as well as sports betting sites and land-based gambling. The conditions of an electronic gaming license are not clear, as the law only states that it is possible to get one and all other decisions will be handled by the government. However, we know that:

  • Operators must make a security deposit of 500.000 USD first
  • They must keep records of member winnings and report them to the Tax Office
  • They must also pay at least 20% of their annual income as tax.

The security deposit amount is not that big, but the high tax rate eliminated almost all small-sized operators and big ones did not enter the market, as explained above. The result is a lack of local operators and the need for offshore casino sites: At the moment, Croatian players must pick an online casino abroad in order to play games. Since this is the case, let’s continue with best online casino Croatia list, shall we?

Top Rated Online Casino Croatia: Start Winning Today!

  • All of the top online casino Croatia websites below are located abroad – as explained above, there are almost no local online casinos in this country, other than the one owned by the government itself. While selecting these best online casino Croatia sites, we used detailed criteria and made our selections according to the needs of Croatian players, such as:
    • Localized Features. We mean everything by saying “localized”: Specific online casino games Croatia, Kuna currency support, native customer help, and of course, the ability to use local payment methods such as Diners, American Express, and debit cards. For some reason, American Express is widely used in the country and popular than VISA/MasterCard. In short, we make sure that you will feel right at home.
    • Best Bonuses. We check the online casino bonuses Croatia and make sure that they are fair and advantageous. We don’t get fooled by high match rates: We read the “small prints” and check the wagering rates, terms, and limitations. We suggest only the fair bonuses, so you can be sure that they will offer a real advantage to you.
    • Legality and Fairness. All of the websites in our best online casino Croatia lists are licensed from prestigious agencies, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. In other words, they are both legal and reputable. In addition, we check the overall RTP rate of the online casino Croatia sites and make sure they are fair.
    • Multi-Platform Support. Desktop PCs are not the only way of online gambling nowadays: We all have devices called mobile phones. In order for a website to enter our best online casino Croatia lists, it must provide full support for all mobile operating systems, such as iOS and Android. We make sure that you get the same gambling experience on all platforms, no matter what kind of device you are using.

    And that’s how we pick the websites in our best online casino Croatia lists: We check them one by one, play games, withdraw money, use bonuses, and see how everything goes. And we only recommend the ones that managed to satisfy us, so you can be sure that any of our recommended online casino Croatia sites will offer you the best possible gambling experience. Pick any of them and start rolling the dice today!

Online Casino Croatia FAQ

The gambling taxation in Croatia is divided into four categories: • For winnings up to 10.000 Kuna, the tax rate is 10% • For winnings between 10.000 and 30.000 Kuna, the rate is 15% • For winnings higher than 30.000 Kuna, you must pay a 20% tax. • And if you manage to win more than 500.000 Kuna, a special tax rate awaits you: 30%. These taxes are usually collected during the payout process. For example, the online casino cuts the tax and pays you after. But if you somehow got the full amount, you must report to the Tax Office. Otherwise, the operator will do the same.
According to law, mobile gambling is as legal as desktop gambling. So, as long as you find a local operator that offers this service, yes, you can play on mobile devices too. Thing is, there is only one online casino operator in Croatia and it does not offer any support for mobile. Don’t worry though: If you play at one of the websites in our best online casino Croatia lists, you can enjoy mobile gambling in its full glory, via mobile websites and native apps.
The “official” online casino in Croatia supports only Kuna, so if you want to use other currencies, including crypto ones, you must play at offshore casino sites. We also review online casino Croatia sites according to currencies they support, so check our reviews section to find casino sites that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Here Are The New Online Casino Croatia Sites: Pick One Today!

Our best online casino Croatia list contains multiple options and you can pick any of them to start playing today. We believe that they all offer the best online gambling experience, and more importantly, a safe and fair environment to play. Without wasting any more time, pick one and create an account: This will be a fun and profitable adventure, you can be sure of that. Do not forget to visit our site often because we update our lists on a regular basis and add new online casino Croatia sites. We wish good luck to all of you!