The first game that comes to mind when stepping inside a land-based or online casino is roulette. The European version is the most popular because of the lower house edge, but American roulette has plenty of fans.

In this guide, we look at the online casino game and see how the double zero version is played. We compare this version of roulette with its European counterpart, explain the American roulette betting rules and payouts. We also take a close look at the roulette software and live dealer games.

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American roulette rules and gameplay

If you are familiar with European roulette you know how to play American roulette as well. The roulette rules are identical and the same roulettes terms are used, so there is no learning curve.

In all versions of roulette, you simply try to predict the slot or area where the ball stops at the end of the spin. There are 36 numbers on the wheel, in both land-based and roulette online, plus two zero slots on the American roulette wheel. That’s why the house edge is 5.26% instead of 2.60%.

Any guide to playing roulette will highlight the fact that players must bet before the wheel gets in motion. They can place a straight-up bet on a number, make a split bet or try to cover a wider area.

Roulette for beginners guides highlights the advantage of placing inside bets. These include wagers on red or black, high and low numbers, and essentially other bets with almost 50% chances to win. Punters aiming for the biggest win will bet on single winning numbers, but the chances to be successful are lower.

American odds and wheel layout

As mentioned above, the American roulette odds are worse than those offered by the European version. The extra zero American roulette slot is responsible for this situation, as it increases the house edge.

The roulette map is otherwise identical for both games, with numbers ranging from 1 to 36. They are not distributed in order across the wheel, but follow a straight sequence on the betting table. Punters are advised to try free American roulette online to get familiar with the American roulette wheel sections.

The odds of winning differ depending on the type of bet chosen, but overall the American roulette house edge is 5.26%.

Players who look for American roulette hot numbers hope to be paid 36 to 1 if they make the right prediction. This is the biggest potential payout, but the chances of picking American roulette lucky numbers are equally low.

Assuming the American roulette algorithm is truly fair and unpredictable, you have the same chances to win against the software or at live dealer tables on real money.

American roulette vs European roulette

The first and most important decision for fans of the games is between American roulette vs European roulette. There are many similarities between the game, but it is the existence of the additional zero slot that makes the difference.

The European and American roulette payouts are the same, but the extra zero leads to a higher house edge. Whether you play a flash game, enjoyed it straight in the browser, or through an app, the American-style roulette will always give the casino a better chance of winning.

The distribution of numbers on the wheel is identical, so American roulette neighbors can easily be found by the European player. Since the American roulette probability of winning is slightly lower, casinos offering it try to offset it with exclusive welcome bonus offers.

These are available at low stakes roulette and penny roulette games, as well as high stakes roulette online tables. They are usually available only to American roulette real money players, so a deposit is needed to grab them.

American roulette systems that work

Playing the American roulette game can be fun activity even if you stick to virtual currency. In fact, punters are advised to play American roulette online for free to get familiar with the gameplay.

This will give them time to learn how to win at American roulette and even try roulette strategies that work. You can bet on individual American roulette numbers or tinker with inside and outside American roulette bets. With the right tactics, you can enjoy a winning streak and juicy roulette payouts in the process.

  • Bet on hot/cold numbers – these are the numbers that come up with the high, respectively low frequency. It’s a common American roulette strategy to bet on hot/cold numbers, but no science behind it. In theory, some numbers are due to come up, while others are proven lucky.
  • The classic martingale – wager on outside bets that have a chance of nearly 50% to happen. If you win, you stick to the original states, and if you lose you double the amount. In theory, you will offset the losses eventually, with roulette payouts that help to recuperate the stakes.
  • Fisher roulette strategyyou bet the same amount for three consecutive rounds on outside bets. For the fifth round, you bet three times the amount in an attempt to offset some of the losses. Players keep going at the until they finally make a profit.
  • American roulette James Bond strategy – the James Bond strategy is more complex and requires the best to be divided into three parts. 70% is wagered on numbers higher than 19, 25% goes on numbers from 13 to 18, and 5% on the two 0 slots. You can use it at both American roulette live dealer tables and against software and even try it in an American roulette wheel simulator.

How to play American roulette – Step by Step

Getting familiar with the American roulette rules is a walk in the park even if you don’t know anything about the game. You can begin with free American roulette before making the deposit and using roulette tips to turn a profit. This is how you play the game at any American roulette online:

  • Choose real money or American roulette practice games
  • Select the stakes and place an insight or outside bet
  • Wait for the ball to stop in its final resting position
  • Take the profits if you are correct and place another bet

Online vs land casinos American roulette

The popularity of the game explains why you can find an American roulette wheel at both land-based and online casinos. The former offer exclusively real money games, while you can enjoy an American roulette free bet at online operators.

In terms of American roulette layout, they are identical in both locations, so if you know the one you will have no problem mastering the other. The perk of playing online is that you can get bonuses that in conjunction with proper roulette money management help you offset the house edge.

American roulette bets and payouts

There is an indissoluble link between the potential payouts and the chances to win. The biggest payouts are reserved to those who bet on single numbers, hence the burning desire to find the best numbers to playing roulette.

Outside bets will only pay an amount equal to the stakes, but the return to player is over 94% in the American roulette flash game. Betting on the dozens and columns will pay three times the stakes, while inside bets increase the potential payouts.

In this category, we include split, street, corner, five number, and line-bets which can be placed anywhere across the American roulette board.

American Roulette tips and tricks

Perhaps the most important advice that roulette players can get is to choose European instead of American roulette. The house edge is worse for the latter, so there are few reasons to choose a game that favors the casino.

On the bright side, the American roulette rules are the same, so at least you don’t have to worry about a steep learning curve. These are a few American roulette tips that can help you be successful.

  • Exercise roulette money management – play within your bankroll and don’t bet more than you can afford. Keep the stakes sensible and try to mitigate the odds of losing first and foremost.
  • Claim bonuses when possible – to offset the house edge, you need every help you can get and bonuses are effective tools. Pay attention to the wagering requirements and other conditions.
  • Stick to outside bets – test roulette strategies and other tips and tricks on outside bets, as they are more likely to produce winners. Only wager small amounts on straight, split, and corner bets.
  • Test the game in demo format – use American roulette free spins at play money tables to get familiar with the game. This is the perfect environment to test roulette strategies and systems.

American Roulette FAQ

The American roulette wheel has another zero slot, which increases the house edge.
Used proper bankroll management and avoid betting excessively on inside bets.
If you play at licensed casinos you’ll enjoy a fair game, but with a high house edge than European roulette.
The James Bond strategy isn’t the most effective one, but it is good at mitigating the risks of losing.
American roulette is worse than the European version because of the higher house edge.
The worst bet is the five number bet, simply because of the high house edge compared to payouts.
Online casinos offer bonuses for American roulette players frequently to offset the house edge.

Try the excitement of American roulette

American roulette remains a popular game in spite of the obvious shortcomings when compared to its European counterpart. The higher house edge is the only difference but one that makes this game difficult to recommend that the expense of European roulette.

However, if you use the right strategy, stick to your bankroll management plan and claim bonuses, American roulette can still work. There are plenty of casinos out there operating on strong licenses that provide members with many American roulette varieties.

Check them out and claim bonuses whenever possible to make the most of this popular game.